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Sage for Legal Firms

Smart cloud accounting and time management software for legal firms

Simplify processes, boost team productivity, and deliver exceptional services with Sage accounting software for law firms.

Unleash your firm's potential with Sage accounting and management software for legal services and law firms

Get real-time visibility into your finances, optimize for profitability, and capture more billable hours accurately without the guesswork.

Forecast cash flow confidently

Get insights and consolidate multiple entities in real-time to plan accurate cash flow forecasts.

Automate processes and consolidate multiple entities in real-time

Save time with streamlined workflows that boost team productivity and help your team meet deadlines consistently.

Track time, expenses, and collect payments faster

Simplify how you and your team track hours and projects for clients.

Make smarter decisions, every step of the way

Leverage AI-powered analytics and intelligent reporting to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Why legal firms choose Sage

Financials & accounting for law firms

Accurately track costs, ensure timely client billing, and maintain profitability with online law firm accounting software.

Project costing and billing

Automate complex billing processes and revenue recognition.

Accounts receivable

Automate collections and invoices to increase cash flow.


Gain deep profit insights on teams, service lines, customers, and more.

Reports and dashboards

Get a real-time, comprehensive view of your financial health.

AI-powered GL

Catch errors in thousands of transactions in minutes.

Multi-entity and consolidations

Consolidated view of all entities with clarity.

Open API

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM, practice management, and hundreds of other business applications.


Revolutionize your team's productivity and time management with solutions for law firms.


Cloud-based time tracking and billing solution for lawyers.

AI-powered time tracking

Empower your team with their own Ai-powered time assistant.

Project Intelligence

Uncover project trends and optimize your team's realization rates.

Project reporting

Increase project profitability and make data-driven decisions.

HR and payroll

Build, manage, and develop your all-star team and streamline payroll and HR processes with our software for legal firms.


Process payroll faster with an intuitive solution.

Data integration

Seamless integration with existing systems.


Empower employees to manage HR data and tasks.

Flexible HR system

Automate and streamline manual HR processes.

Workforce development

Upskill your workforce to meet evolving client needs and stay competitive.

Talent acquisition

Find and hire specialized talent.
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Choose the best accounting and management solution for your law firm

Elevate your firm with powerful legal solutions that deliver efficiency, accuracy, and data-driven decisions.
 Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

The smart cloud accounting and ERP solution to unleash the potential of your business. Learn why industry leaders choose Sage Intacct.


Discover Sage Intacct


Across all industries, Sage Intacct customers achieve an average of:

  • 250% ROI
  • 6 months payback
  • 79% close time reduction
  • 65% productivity improvement

Rated #1 in customer satisfaction by G2.

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50

Spend less time on admin to gain greater clarity on business performance with the #1 rated accounting software for small business.*


Discover Sage 50


  • Cash flow and invoicing
  • Payments and banking
  • Expense management and job costing
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Advanced reporting and audit trails
  • Payroll-ready

* Rated the best accounting software for small and medium businesses (SMBs) by The Blueprint, a Motley Fool service.

Sage X3

A complete business management solution tailored to the demanding mid-sized business user.


Discover Sage X3


Ideal for global companies in the manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, and services industries. 

  • Take control of global operations
  • Get the insight you need, when you need it
  • Expand to new markets or geographies
  • Gain agility and focus on your business


Sage Timeslips

Save more time and make more money with the leading time tracking software for attorneys, accountants, and consultants.


Discover Sage Timeslips


  • Capture time, tasks, expenses, and new client files–anytime, anywhere
  • Automate accounts receivable
  • Generate detailed reports
  • Send branded invoices
  • Generate timeslips on any web or mobile device
  • Sync Timeslips with the essential business tools you already use

Jeff Bohl

CFO, Ontra

"We wanted [and got] a financial management vendor that was similarly tech-forward with an open API and cloud platform that's agile and scalable enough to grow with us."

Law firm accounting and management software FAQs

Accounting software helps legal firms track income and expenses while spending less time on financial admin. Cloud-based accounting software for law firms offers more flexibility on-the-go, helping you work on your law practice's books and monitor cash flow anywhere, online. With a seamless integration of Payroll add-on like Sage accounting software, you can pay associates at your legal practice easily and quickly.
Accounting software helps solicitors and lawyers spend less time on financial admin, the books, and preparing tax returns. It's more user-friendly and efficient than spreadsheets and faster than going through files of old paper receipts. Accounting software like Sage offers comprehensive solutions for finance, operations, HR, and payroll. An example is Sage Intacct, a financial management system with tailor-made features for legal firms. We work with companies with financial management needs ranging from simple cost tracking to detailed task cost allocation and complex billing requirements. Our cloud-based system is centered on a high-powered general ledger that provides dimension-level tracking for all your transactions. That means you can significantly reduce the number of GL accounts you use while also significantly expanding the way you report on your data. With automation of processes related to project costing, vendor management and accounts payable, billing, time and expense tracking, and resource management, Sage Intacct can allow your finance team to focus on strategy instead of administrative processes.

Many service-based businesses constantly face revenue leakage, low utilization, and strained project profit. Accurate and complete time entry is a major contributing factor to these struggles. Sage Intelligent Time is the only AI-powered time entry system built into a full-featured ERP system. Sage Intelligent Time provides each member of your team with an AI-powered time assistant that provides suggested time entry cards based on that employee's calendar, email, and other activity. Using machine learning, the Time Assistant gets smarter and continuously improves the speed and accuracy of your teams' timesheet.

Sage Intelligent Time is providing a solution to an age-old problem for service-based businesses. Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide a tangible tool for your team to receive continuous and trusted insights regarding their time. With this insight, your project managers can make better decisions, your project pricing is more accurate, and your invoicing and close process are faster than ever.

Yes, accounting software often supports trust accounting with typical features such as keeping records and track funds held in trust for clients, ensuring compliance with trust accounting rules, creating trust account statements, reconciling transactions and maintaining audit trails. Integrating these functions into your accounting solution streamlines fund management processes while enhancing accuracy and compliance.
For many growing legal firms, the billing process is too labor-intensive to scale. Billing for services can be complicated depending on the various elements that you need to include on your invoice. Sage software is built to handle even the most complex invoicing requirements, as well as the variety of revenue recognition methods that can be associated with them. Automation around time entry, expenses, invoice formats, vendors, and all the other components required for billing, are instantly available for your team to quickly draft and issue invoices. Sage helps you to scale your business without being held back by cumbersome processes.
When it comes to financial reporting, automation, accuracy, and customization are critical requirements for an effective solution. Sage software's financial reporting excels at all three. By leveraging the general ledger's dimensions, reports can be grouped and sorted in a nearly unlimited way. When financial reporting is done right, it removes the burden of administrative tasks to allow your financial team to focus on strategic planning. Whether you're creating multiple profit and loss reports, or automating project reports for your project managers, Sage can handle what you need.

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Ontra grants jurisdiction for financial transformation to Sage Intacct

Legal tech firm slashes close time in half and gains scalability amid global business growth with Sage Intacct.

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Learn how to eliminate bad timekeeping habits and increase your profits up to 50%.
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