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Are you confident in your job cost numbers? Many contractors aren’t. In construction that’s like driving 100 mph with no visibility. Job costing software can help.

The spreadsheet dilemma

At one time you may have been able to track your job costs using a spreadsheet. That was back when you weren’t juggling as many projects at one time. But now, business is booming. Suddenly you or your team have to break out costs for a heck of a lot more jobs, making it virtually impossible to keep up. Most of the time, you may not really know if you’ve made or lost money until after project closeout.

There is a better way.

Sage job costing software gives you an accurate, day-by-day picture of your job costs. So you always know where you stand against your project budget.
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Tips to nail your job costing

Have you ever closed out a job then received a bill you’d completely forgotten about? Suddenly the profit you thought you’d made erodes before your eyes. Our software helps you issue and track purchase orders and subcontracts to give you the clearest picture of every cost connected to a job.
Understanding how your budget has changed and why it’s changed is critical to pinpointing your true job costs. Documenting and monitoring the status of change orders will give you that vantage point and make sure you get paid for all the work you do.
Labor is your biggest risk to losing money on your jobs. Capturing and reporting work time on a daily, rather than a weekly, basis will improve time sheet accuracy and give you a more current view of labor costs. We can help with integration to mobile time card reporting applications.
Our software lets you take proactive measures to monitor your costs. Simply set up an automatic alert that notifies you when jobs haven’t been billed, profit falls below a specified percent, or another event occurs that could impact your job costs.
Tracking actual costs against your budget and using that information to refine future bids will improve your company’s ability to win more profitable work.

Job costing software that gives you confidence in your numbers.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor makes it easy to track job costs and other project details to keep your jobs on schedule and within budget.
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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

Whether your job costing structure is simple and basic or complex with multi-sectioned jobs and cost codes, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate can handle virtually any level of tracking.
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Sage Construction Job Costing

Even if you are not a construction contractor, Sage can help you with tracking your project and job costs.

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What our customers say about Sage job costing

"Questioning a cost later, after the job is finished is too late. Management needs to know what is really going on—while it’s happening—in order to run a successful company. Our project managers and superintendents need access to costs and change order data quickly and in real time in order to run their projects effectively. With Sage 100 Contractor we can all access the data we need."

—Joselin Martin,

CFO, Hayles and Howe

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"[With Sage 100 Contractor] we can review similar projects and our profitability on those jobs, which helps us bid new projects more accurately. And we can copy the detail into a new proposal to save us preparation time."

—Linda Comin

Office Manager, Greenstreak Landscaping

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"When I first started here, we didn’t have formal processes for tracking our projects . . . Now (with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate) we can produce an accurate, up-to-date profit and loss statement for each job, at any time. Not only does that help us keep the current project on budget, it helps us bid future projects more accurately, and ultimately be a more profitable company."

—Susan Simpson

Office Manager, Echo Valley Irrigation

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