Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets

Beat hidden costs by easily tracking all your fixed assets.


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Sage Fixed Assets

More than depreciation: See how much time and money you'll save

Whether you're reporting to senior management, a government agency, auditors, donors and executive boards, or the IRS, you're accountable for the status and value of your organization's many fixed assets. Those assets can take the form of buildings, machinery, computers and other electronic equipment, office furnishings, even assets you build.

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Sage Fixed Assets

Duration: 6:32 minutes

Managing depreciation

Eliminate complicated and error prone spreadsheets. Save time and money managing your fixed assets using the best depreciation calculation engine.

  • Manage depreciation with more than 50 depreciation methods including MACRS 150 percent and 200 percent (formulas and tables), ACRS, Straight-Line, etc.
  • Help ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Integrate with popular general ledger systems

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Sage Fixed Assets

Duration: 3:15 minutes

Tracking inventory

Sage has everything you need to conduct physical fixed asset inventories. Use state-of-the-art Microsoft® Windows® Mobile barcode scanners to conduct multiple inventories concurrently at multiple sites and reconcile data at one central location.

  • Eliminate lost or stolen assets and reduce insurance costs with asset tracking software including check in/check out functionality for mobile assets
  • Control data entry with customizable fields and clearly describe asset records with notes and images
  • Label and track assets with a range of preprinted bar code labels and bar code readers
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Sage Fixed Asset Videos

Duration: 6:46 minutes

Planning projects

Track all of your project details including status, contacts, notes, and all the financials—plus monitor both physical and financial completion of projects.

  • Create custom access profiles with built-in security settings for specific product features and projects
  • View your organization across all projects at the project, line-item, and transaction level as well as at-a-glance status updates with built-in reports
  • Import invoices and other purchasing information from your accounts payable system
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Professional Services

Asset Inventory Services
Get ready for the auditor with a complete review of your current assets, and set up processes to keep everything up to date.

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Integration and Professional Services
Integrate Sage Fixed Assets with your back office solution, get implementation assistance, data and custom services.

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Caring and Sharing

Sage Business Care
With Sage Business Care, you get technical expertise, educational opportunities, product upgrades, and 24/7 access to the Sage Fixed Assets online Knowledgebase.

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The Sage Fixed Assets Training
center offers beginner to advanced training on not only the software but also best practices for fixed asset management.

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Barcode Tracking

Barcode Scanners and Readers
Have the power of inventory management in the palm of your hand. Sage offers the most powerful scanners and readers on the market.

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Barcode Labels
Create custom labels with ease. Our labels are perfect for your indoor, outdoor and security needs.

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We love a good success story.

"Sage Fixed Assets can help us forecast and plan for expected depreciation, making our budgets more accurate and our planning more strategic."

Gary Kolanda
corporate controller, Medrobotics Corporation

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Fixed asset tracking: moving beyond depreciation and tax compliance

For the finance executive, the topic of fixed-asset management is no longer associated only with issues of depreciation and tax compliance. When done well, fixed-asset management frees up cash, mitigates risk, and gives senior managers data they can use to better manage their businesses. This Webcast presents the rationale for the finance function actively tracking fixed assets once they are placed in service, and introduces processes and tools that companies can use to ensure that finance executives think about the physical assets that underlie the numbers on the balance sheet.

Duration: 53:00 minutes

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Gaining control over fixed asset management

It’s hard enough to keep track of items we use on a day-to-day basis, like our car keys, but companies have an even harder job—that is, tracking and managing assets of every description that are spread across an enterprise. Yet your company’s fixed asset management processes must be able to do the job accurately and well, feeding critical data into reporting and compliance processes. During this Webcast we will explore how improving fixed asset management processes can drive down regulatory risks, maximize return on capital investments, deliver greater control and reporting capabilities, assist in fraud prevention and reduce unnecessary costs.

Duration: 57:46 minutes

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Depreciation of fixed assets: is dependence on spreadsheets putting your company at risk

Finance professionals love spreadsheets for their familiarity, their accessibility, and their power. But as your firm grows in scope and complexity, so too does the risk that a spreadsheet error in a critical finance process will produce a bad outcome. In the worst case, the result can be a material misreporting of financial results. Version control, hidden data and calculations, insufficient documentation, and shadow personalization are spreadsheets’ well-worn paths to confusion at best, and serious and costly errors, at worst. In this Webcast learn how these risks affect general finance processes and depreciation specifically, alternatives that senior finance executives should consider, and how to make the best use of these alternatives.

Duration: 48:16 minutes

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

5 star review (5 out of 5 stars)

Sage Fixed Asset review

"Our company has used Sage Fixed Assets for years and we are very satisfied with he product. I am currently getting ready to integrate with our Sage ERP 300 2014"

5 star review (5 out of 5 stars)

Really like the program

"The more I learn about Sage Fixed Assets the more I like. The software program is such a great program to use. It is extremely user friendly. I love that!"

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