Collaborative Accounting – Free Guide

Diner owners inputting receipts at laptop

An accountant’s guide to converting traditional clients to modern accounting technologies

We already know that a huge issue for businesses, especially smaller or newer ones, is the amount of administrative work. Often this takes them by surprise. From a one-man trader all the way through to businesses with many staff, there’s a natural feeling that the admin requirements take people away from the very reason they started the business in the first place.

When these businesses do bite the bullet and engage the services of a bookkeeper, they can often bog them down with large amounts of manual data entry or administrative tasks and can take some convincing to embrace accounting software and automation.

The Collaborative Accounting Guide is designed to help accountants and bookkeepers assess the pain points of their clients, and start a dialogue around migration to cloud-based accounting software.

This guide will help cover the following topics.

  1. Who is the “traditional” client?
  2. Understanding client needs
  3. What accounting in the cloud offers clients
  4. Targeting clients for innovation
  5. Getting started with converting clients

By helping your clients switch to cloud technology you can help them set positive and achievable goals for their businesses, while putting you at the heart of their success.