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Free Guide: digital transformation in the food and beverage industry

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a manager holds an ipad and overlooks a factory and warehouse floor

The food & beverage industry is consuming more information than ever before. Being able to get access to data in real time and applying it intelligently in the context of business processes will drastically improve the value delivered to customers and consumers, with a positive impact on market share and share price. This is only possible with the right ERP system.

This free infoBrief from Sage and IDC, takes the pulse of the food and beverage industry for manufacturers by offering cases studies and exploring the benefits of adopting an intelligent ERP solution in 2020.

Discussion topics include:

  • Creating engaging new consumer experiences at scale
  • Balancing growth, performance, and cost
  • Digital investments are improving productivity and cost efficiency
  • The challenges food & beverage manufacturers face with heritage ERP
  • Avoiding ERP Chaos
  • Case studies

InfoBrief: Digital transformation in the food & beverage industry

How a new generation of ERP can help respond  to accelerated change and deliver customer experience at scale.

Download digital transformation in the food & beverage industry

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