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Sage Intacct Helps to Manage Data, Track the Right KPIs

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The right tools make any job easier, and Sage Intacct is the right tool for handling big data projects and tracking the right KPIs.

Experts predicted that by 2020, the digital universe would hold 44 zettabytes of data. If you’re wondering what a zettabyte is, and how 44 zettabytes translate into actual numbers, that’s exactly 44 trillion gigabytes of social media posts, smart device data, and multimedia content.

Big data has certainly captured the imagination of businesses everywhere. Everyone from the C-suite on down expects data; data drives decisions on everything from operations to fulfilment. Data captured at every point throughout the supply chain must be stored, managed, and updated. Add onto that new advances in barcoding technology such as 2D and 3D barcodes, augmented and virtual reality, and other platforms, including social media and mobile, and you’ve got an enormous sea of data.

Sage Intacct: Benefits to Your Company

Sage Intacct offers many benefits to companies seeking to manage the constant influx of data. With Sage Intacct, you’ll be able to manage your data more efficiently as well as derive valuable insights.

1.Track the Right KPIs

Sage Intacct makes it easier to sift through multiple data streams to track the data you need to manage KPIs. Whether that’s overrun costs, profitability, margins, sales per square foot, or other metrics, you can identify, track, and manage it within Sage Intacct.

2.Reveals Core Financials Immediately

Core financials such as General Ledger, accounts payable/receivable, order management, and cash flow are immediately available in Sage Intacct. 

With SaaS metrics, you can track conversion rates, CAC (customer acquisition costs), CLTV (customer lifetime value), and churn. These KPIs reveal the extent to which your marketing campaigns are driving actual growth for your organization.

3.Achieve Significant ROI Benefits

Track the data that makes the most sense for your organization by using Sage Intacct’s many features. Some companies have been able to shorten project cycles, improve profitability, and discover new ways of building margin, thanks to the data collected through Sage Intacct.

4.Save Money on CapEx

Track vital KPIs that drive growth instead of redirecting focus towards IT infrastructure management. Because Sage Intacct is a subscription-based service, you’ll see reduced CapEx costs. With automated processes, your business will become more agile; you’ll achieve faster time-to-market ratios and reap higher revenues.

5.Track True Project Costs

Sage Intacct’s dashboards reveal the true costs of projects. Statistics such as revenues and expenses are easily available and trackable, alerting you immediately about which of your projects are the most profitable. Armed with this knowledge, you can modify your project management, procurement efforts, and inventory processes accordingly.

6.Improve Collaboration

Sage Intacct can help you improve collaboration among departments. Because the system makes it easy to share annual budgets, sales reports, and departmental financials with the CIO, you’ll ensure transparency and accountability among various team members. Therefore, data-driven decisions can be made that lead to shared revenue growth.

This is a guest post from IWI Consulting Group