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Why QuickBooks Isn’t Rising to Meet SaaS CFO Needs

Join us for a discussion on the challenges finance teams experience with QuickBooks as their organizations evolve.

Why QuickBooks Isn’t Rising to Meet SaaS CFO Needs

If you’ve been feeling like you’re outgrowing QuickBooks, you’re hardly alone. Many SaaS startups like yours begin their financial journey’s using QuickBooks.

If your organization is growing rapidly and you are suddenly overwhelmed, your business may already be hitting the limits of QuickBooks’ functionality.

How do you know when to say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual consolidations? Which options should you consider? Join our upcoming webcast featuring Kristy Facchini, CFO at AutoClaims Direct on her experience with QuickBooks, and why they made the switch to a more robust cloud-native financial platform. This webinar will highlight:

  • The challenges of using QuickBooks (that you may already be experiencing)
  • The tipping points that drove a need for change for AutoClaims Direct
  • What to expect as part of a migration and so much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand about what you can achieve and ask any questions you have about moving beyond QuickBooks.

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