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Forward Together

More than a year into the pandemic, and a lot has changed for Canadian businesses, and their employees. Companies are reflecting on what they learned and are now planning for a return to growth. To help with this journey, we are sharing some of our favourite Sage customer profiles, including inspiring video interviews with finance leaders.

A return to growth

Sage recently surveyed 800 business leaders in organizations with 50 - 499 employees in Canada, and more than 1,500 working Canadians, to gain insight into how they were impacted by the pandemic and how they are reimagining the future, together. In the report, learn how organizations and employees across Canada are preparing for the future of work, investing in technology, and embracing new opportunities for growth, to build back stronger than ever.

Key findings

  • 56% of Canadian SMBs and 53% of Canadian workers believe the negative impact on revenue from the pandemic will improve by early 2022.
  • SaaS organizations are more optimistic, as 52% of business leaders believe the positive change from the pandemic will be seen by or before fall 2021.
  • 33% of SMBs who anticipate negative revenue impact from the pandemic plan to digitize their operations.
  • Of the 30% of Canadian business leaders who anticipate positive revenue impact from the pandemic in 2021, 34% of them believe this positive impact will continue.
  • 47% of business leaders plan to increase their technology budget, while 36% plan to increase their marketing budget.
  • As a whole, 22% of business leaders believe technological skills are the most important for employees to develop.

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