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Enhance productivity with simple but powerful key features

Simple, easy-to-use features for handling some of the most important aspects of your business—your time and your money.
Revenue chart

Cash flow and invoicing

Sage 50 Accounting helps you manage and analyze your cash flow. This allows you to examine where your revenues and expenses are coming from and project future cash flow. 

The Statement of Cash Flows helps you determine which categories of cash flow you should be most concerned about:  operating, investing, or financing. It displays the changes to various accounts over a period of time so you can assess where your earnings and expenses are being allocated.

Other features include:

  • 'Broadcast' invoices to many customers
  • Create custom recurring invoices
  • Get paid faster with online 'Pay now' functionality
Illustration of pay your invoice screen

Payments and banking

The accounts payable and banking features include purchase orders, invoices, payments, bank feeds, and account reconciliation. It's also fully integrated with the inventory management system. Automate any of these processes to eliminate manual entry.

The Sage Account Reconciliation module integrates feeds from bank and credit card institutions. Sage 50 attempts to find a match in the Match Transactions screen prior to the account reconciliations. Then when you're working in Account Reconciliation and select a general ledger account containing transactions from Sage Bank Feeds, those transactions matched in the match screen—manually or automatically—will be auto-cleared.

Illustration of Inventory screen

Advanced inventory management

Know what's in stock and what's on order. View quantities on hand and stay on top of purchase orders.

Use item codes when entering purchases and sales and Sage 50 computes and tracks costs and quantities on a daily basis, based on the transaction date and item class. You can also make manual adjustments through the Inventory Adjustments Task. It then adjusts inventory levels each time you post a purchase or sale of an inventory item.

Sage 50 also allows you to customize your units of measure and create inventory with item assembly. You can also create and track serialized inventory items and multiple reports to track the movement of inventory. Sage supports multiple costing methods including first-in, first-out (FIFO), Average, and Specific Unit (for serialized items).

Job Sites feature

Job and project costing

Get greater insight into all your jobs and projects and know what you are spending and where. View how long your jobs and projects are taking to complete, and estimate how much money you're making on each job.

Easily setup job records, phases, and cost codes. Track job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustment, payroll and more. Print reports throughout a job's duration to find out the total amount spent and net revenues due for each job.

If you use phases or cost codes, you can generate reports to display this information, showing you if a job is over or under budget for any phase or task involved. This can help you control your costs by adjusting one phase or task prior to the job's completion.

Paycheque screen in Sage 50


Simplify payroll processes for your employees with direct deposit, paycards or direct-deposit checks. Monitor employee records like payroll checks you process and the payroll taxes you collect from your employees.

Leverage the Payroll Setup Wizard and employee defaults to get up and running quickly on Sage Payroll. You can also perform advanced payroll tasks, like tracking employee tips and managing vacation and sick time hours.

If you have employees who enter time tickets for hours worked on projects, you can create paychecks based on the hours recorded on time tickets during a payroll period.

Reporting feature screenshot


Leverage over 150 reports in Sage 50 including specialized reports for construction, manufacturing, distribution, and more. Track performance of projects you're managing with views within Sage 50 or create departments for customized views.

Access one-click reports on payables, receivables, sales taxes, expenses and profits, inventory, payroll, and jobs.  Plus you can design new reports, search text within reports, and drill down to transactions on displayed reports. You can also apply filters for customized views.

Report groups allow you to group reports, financial statements, and views together and print them in a batch. Use report groups when you need to print several reports or need to schedule reports to be printed.

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