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Save hours of admin time using AutoEntry and Sage 50 Accounting

Automate data entry by accurately capturing all of your invoices, receipts, expenses and statements into Sage 50.

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Life is easier with data entry automation

Automating receipt entry allows you to work accurately and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on your customers and building your business. No more typing, fixing manual errors, or shoeboxes full of receipts. With Sage 50 Accounting and AutoEntry, you can accomplish more, faster.

Upload a document to AutoEntry

Drag and drop digital files online or quickly snap and capture images with your phone for quick analysis and upload. Upload a breadth of documents including purchases, sales, employee expenses and supplier, credit card, and bank statements.

Categorize the entry

AutoEntry extracts and verifies transaction data. Set a supplier and account category or have AutoEntry apply remembered categories for you. AutoEntry will then recognize recurring transactions and suggest how to categorize them based on previous uploads. You can also set up rules to auto-assign certain uploads to a specified account.

Publish to Sage 50 Accounting

Click to post the transaction or enable auto-publish to have it done automatically.

Discover the benefits of AutoEntry software for receipt capture

Save time

Snap and post receipts instead of typing them out. Set up auto-coding and auto-publish to automate the entire process. You simply drag, drop and get back to business.

Increase accuracy

Eliminate manual errors that create end-of-month headaches. All entries are verified for accuracy and can be reviewed prior to publishing.

Go paperless

All of your uploads are saved to the cloud so you can quickly find past receipts, maintain an audit trail and keep tabs on your expenses.

Flexible pricing that works for you

Purchase credits to be used however you need with our usage-based, pay-as-you-go pricing. 

How credits are used:

  • 1 credit: A single invoice, bill, or receipt.
  • 2 credits: An invoice or receipt with line items to be captured.
  • 3 credits: A single page of bank statements.
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$17 /month

Basic features include:

  • Accurate capture and analysis of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, receipts and more, from any device
  • Full line item capture and line item rules
  • Expense reports with approval
  • Supplier statements with automatic reconciliation

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