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Latest Sage Accounting enhancements

Explore the latest Sage Accounting enhancements across all our plans and start making the most of your software.

As a small business owner, improving your financial processes is never truly done. You need to be constantly looking for new ways to make everyday tasks easier, faster, and simpler.

To help you with this, we regularly release enhancements for Sage Accounting based on feedback from our customers.

We ask them what they care about, which parts of the software are adding the most value to their business, and what they’d to like to see in the future.

This ensures the updates we make are always improving your experience and helping your business flow better.

Catch all the latest enhancements to Sage Accounting in the video and list below.

List of Sage Accounting enhancements

Here are the latest enhancements we’ve made to our Sage Accounting plans:

Adjust stock balances with Import

Plan: Standard, Plus

Thanks to a new File Import type, you can now bulk update stock quantities and pricing.

This means you no longer have to spend hours manually making individual updates.

Mobile purchase capture

Plan: Standard, Plus

To make managing your expenses simpler, we’ve updated our mobile app so you can now capture receipts and purchase invoices while you’re on the go.

This automatically pulls out the key details and saves them in the platform, helping you keep a closer eye of cash flow and reduce mistakes.

Recurring invoicing batch management

Plan: Start, Standard, Plus

You can now manage recurring invoices more efficiently by activating, deactivating, and cancelling them in batches.

So, you no longer have to manually update each individual recurring invoice if you need to make changes.

Sort, search, filter recurring invoices

Plan: Start, Standard, Plus

There’s a range of new functions to make managing recurring invoices simpler.

From filtering by status to sorting, showing and hiding columns, you can take finer control of the information you see, and adjust your workflow to suit you.

Create refunds from bank feeds

Plan: Start, Standard, Plus

A new update allows you to easily allocate the correct transaction type for refunds by customers and suppliers.

You can now also record partial refunds without having to delete and redo transactions manually.

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Move and reorder lines in sales invoices

Plan: Start, Standard, Plus

You can now quickly and easily change any invoices you’ve already created.

So, if you want to add another item, reorder or copy lines, or format the document, you can jump back into the editor at any time.

Export contact and products in an importable format

Plan: All

When you export Contacts and Products data, it will now be in a format that can be reimported later.

This means you don’t need to manually change records, which saves a lot of time, particularly when you need to restart or move a client subscription.

Update Contact and Product records with Import

Plan: All

You no longer have to manually update Contact and Product records one by one. We’ve added a new option that allows you to make a bulk update using a file import.

During this import, you can update or skip any existing records, making it easier than ever to replace data such as stock prices and quantities, and contact settings.

Smart reporting drill from ledger account balance to nominal activity detailed

Plan: Start, Standard, Plus

To help you gather and better understand insights from your financial data, we’ve added the capability to drill down into deeper detail directly from summarised financial statements.

You can quickly get into the granular detail, identify discrepancies, backtrack numbers, and find ways to be more efficient.

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