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Lincoln Waste Solutions

Customer success story


Lincoln Waste Solutions




United States

Staying lean and driving growth with Sage

The Connecticut-based firm provides broker services in a complex waste solution supply chain. Sage has streamlined processes, optimised customer service levels and vendor relationships with a single source of reporting and communications data.

“Sage drives efficiency which is the same as profitability for a business like ours. All the data is there in one place and we are able to broker both sides of the business instantly”

Jay Lentz,
Client Development Executive, Lincoln Waste Solutions

Struggling to stay on top of information

Managing the sales pipeline, improving customer support services and achieving a better overall view of the business were a major challenge. With over 500 individual spreadsheets and 200 software programs containing client information, the company was struggling to stay on top of customer interactions and access reports.  

Lincoln Waste Solutions wanted seamless integration between sales, accounting, customer service and vendor relations, giving the business the ability to automate reporting and access large volumes of data more quickly. There was a need to consolidate onto a robust CRM solution that could provide simplicity and control.

“There were growing pains that come with success. We had inefficiencies, and a lack of communication as well as difficulties with managing information consistently,” said Jay Lentz, Client Development Executive. “We needed to streamline processes and simplify communication across the [business].”

Meeting specific business needs 

Many CRM systems were evaluated before Sage was chosen. Cost, functionality and easy integration with Sage 100 – the company’s business management solution – were key selling points, but what really swung it was the way it could be adapted to the business.

“One of the reasons we chose Sage was the ability to format the interface to give us exactly what we needed,” said Lentz. He also praised Sage for the seamless deployment process and migration of data. From signing the contract to running the first cases in Sage took less than two months.

Increasing efficiency and measuring success 
Sage gives the company a single source of data that integrates sales, customer service and marketing, increasing operational efficiencies as well as providing real-time insights to better inform future business strategies.

In the year after implementation, Lincoln Waste Solutions would grow 35 per cent in volume, without adding any additional people because of the efficiencies achieved by deploying Sage. Customer service productivity jumped up 40 per cent immediately after it went “live” because of the new simplicity in the way information is accessed. 

“Moving from 500 individual spreadsheets and 200 software programs to one solution in Sage has allowed anyone to access the specific information they need. And multiple people can access the information at the same time,” said Jay Lentz. “Information is king. Sage gives us a level of reporting and a snapshot of each aspect of the business with a level of detail we didn’t have before.”

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