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OSA McQuillan saves more with Sage Final Accounts

OSA McQuillan - Ireland

OSA McQuillan is the combined accountancy practices of Eamon O’Sullivan and John McQuillan. It relies on Sage Final Accounts for its ease of use and cloud capabilities.

Data delays

As a Sage customer for over 20 years, OSA McQuillan was well versed in accounting software. However, they discovered that its manual processes including time spent filing client accounts were becoming laborious. So, OSA McQuillan started to investigate Sage cloud solutions.

Every delay, whether that’s in getting data from the client, or our own internal processes, means time is locked away until we get the job invoiced.

Eamon O’Sullivan

Simplicity matters

After several weeks of trials, OSA McQuillan selected Sage Final Accounts. Along with  ease of use and trust in the software, it values the support that comes with Sage products.

We know that Sage has multiple levels of support – so if the first person can’t help you, they find someone who can, says O’Sullivan.

One reason we choose Sage Final Accounts is that our engineer, who’d never used Sage before, could instantly use the technology.

Eamon O’Sullivan

Reduced complexity, more efficiencies

Since implementing the solution, senior executives can spend more time developing and bolstering customer relationships. Sage Final Accounts breaks down the filing preparation into three easy steps, so employees know what they have to do.

We can attract higher level personnel because they know they won’t be required to do laborious tasks, such as sort through invoices, says O’Sullivan.


The reliance on manual processes, where we wondered if all client data sets were up to date, has been eliminated now because Sage Final Accounts is in the cloud.

Eamon O’Sullivan

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