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You have your hands full. Complex leases. Tenant move-ins and move-outs. Rent rolls. Maintenance and renovations. Challenging budgets. And that’s on a good day. Staying in control in the midst of the chaos is critical.

A better way to manage your properties

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software gives you the support you need to manage your properties efficiently and cost-effectively. So you can concentrate on what’s most important—keeping your property owners and tenants happy.

Property management software features

Information when you need it

When the phone rings, be prepared for anything.

Whether it’s a property owner wanting up-to-the-minute financial figures, or a painter wondering what shade of green a new tenant has requested, it’s your business to know the answers.Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate makes it easy for you to get to the information quickly—from tenant balances, to unit amenities, to outstanding charges. It’s all available with our real estate management software.

Sage Property Management
Lease management

Handle any lease, no matter how complex.

No two leases are exactly alike. Some are long-term. Others short-term. One tenant may get a month of free rent. Another an improvement allowance. Whether you’re managing commercial, retail, or mixed use properties, the software helps you stay on top of all the concessions and different lease types.

Sage Property Management

Streamline the experience for you and your tenants.

Set up a new tenant file with whatever information you have at the time to immediately keep track of a tenant’s paid deposit, intended move-in date, and other relevant information. And when a tenant moves out, the property management software can prorate rent and any final charges, as well as hold or refund security deposits.

Sage Property Management
Rent and fee collection

Maximize your revenue.

You won’t leave money on the table with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. The software makes sure all rent and other recurring charges are appropriately billed automatically, including scheduled rent increases and other lease escalations. Plus, you can track and easily administer late fees.

Sage Property Management
Retail sales tracking

Get solid facts to support rent increases and lease terms.

If you manage retail property, the software allows you to do percentage rent based on your tenants’ sales. You indicate the break points, percentages, and effective dates. The software does the rest by calculating the overage rent for you, based on tenant sales reports or estimated figures. You can also investigate sales trends and communicate them to executive management, lenders, investors, and tenants.

Sage Advanced Retail
Budgets and Accounting

Integrate property management with your financials.

Use the software to more easily prepare detailed budgets customized for each client and do budget comparisons across a number of different properties. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate integrates property management software with accounting, making it simpler to get your budgets, payments, bills and financial statements to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format.

Document management

Simplify the paperwork.

Your role as a property manager is paperwork intensive. In addition to the leases, purchase agreements, maintenance work orders, and other documents that cross your desk, you have to maintain meticulous records for accounting and tax purpose. And to prevent legal liability, all tenant interactions must be recorded.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate allows you to easily store, route, and retrieve important documents.

Sage Document Management Sage Paperless Construction
Service management

Keep your properties running smoothly.

When a unit’s air conditioning goes out, your tenant wants a quick resolution to the problem. The software’s service management capabilities allow you to dispatch a repair technician promptly and monitor all your service calls. You can also schedule preventative maintenance, such as regular fire sprinkler inspections. You can even allow your tenants to request service and see maintenance history through a self-service portal.

Sage Service Management Sage Service Operations

Sage customers manage over 622,000 rental units each year

"You have the ability on a single property to handle each lease differently, something that’s crucial because each lease is unique. In this cycling economy, the leases we’re writing today are extremely different than the leases we wrote two years ago."

—Eire Stewart

Director of Finance and Property Management, JP DiNapoli

"We were looking at the last week of the month before we were truly done with everything, including all reconciliations. Now we’re fairly consistently getting it done in about two and a half to three weeks."

—Ed Mendis

Chief Financial Officer, McGrath Development

When you also build

If your company both builds and manages your properties, or you oversee tenant improvements, Sage also takes care of you. Our Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate software offers complete construction management capabilities to keep your construction costs within budget and your projects on schedule.

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