Best Nonprofit Blogs for Finance Professionals to Follow

There are many great nonprofit blogs out there aimed at helping finance professionals in Canada, and we’ve compiled a few of our favorites for you to dive into. 

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In the nonprofit space, friendly advice can change your financial future, and it is readily available—in blogs, whitepapers, and webinars, aimed at helping Canadian nonprofits succeed in their mission.  

There are many great nonprofit blogs out there aimed at helping finance professionals in Canada, and we’ve compiled a few of our favorites for you to dive into. 


With CanadaHelps, you get two blogs in one location—both backed by the authority of a group that has been supporting Canadian charities big and small for more than 22 years. Their Giving Life blog is a place for thought leaders and charities to share knowledge and engage on all things charitable—to tell stories, foment discussion, and inspire acts of good. The Charity Life blog posts information about online fundraising tools, training, education, and sector news.  

The website also has a “Resources” section where visitors can access whitepapers and webinars. Visit: 

The Government of CanadaCanada Revenue Agency  

The “Charities and Giving” section of the CRA website provides in-depth information on all aspects of charitable and nonprofit financial requirements. In the “What’s New” section, find updates on how new legislation may affect your nonprofit, as well as bulletins and notices regarding tax filing requirements. Occasional webinars provide “How Tos” on topics like preparing your T3010 online, with links to extended resources.  

Here, you will also find guidance on maintaining registered status, as well as general information for the charitable sector. Sign up to the email list to receive fresh updates.  


Governing Good 

This blog is operated by Halifax-based Grant MacDonald, a retired university professor and adult educator with a deep interest in non-profit governance and leadership.  

The blog is resolutely focused on helping organizations do “good”—hence the name—as effectively as possible. Explore a wealth of practical advice and examples. The blog offers insight particularly around how nonprofits can improve internally and to create space, as MacDonald notes, “for conversations about more systemic change.” Aiming his content at boards and executive directors (CEOs), he is especially keen to help those looking to assess where they are, versus where they want to be in the financial sector.  


Tech Soup Canada 

Tech Soup Canada includes everything, from quick tips to online courses, and is focused on helping nonprofits succeed.  

TechSoup, a nonprofit itself, was formed in 2009 in collaboration with the nonprofit Centre for Social Innovation, with technology at its core. The “Grow Your Skills” section has links to webinars, courses, previous newsletters, and the blog. It has a presence on social media too, where partners and nonprofits share ideas and expertise relevant to the nonprofit sector.  


Pillar Nonprofit Network 

Pillar is a member-based organization fostering connections and resource sharing in the nonprofit sphere, operating out of London, Ontario.  

Services vary widely—from a jobs board to events listings highlighting deeper programming and volunteer opportunities. To follow along, subscribe to their newsletter. They also share resources with the Governing Good blog noted above.  


Imagine Canada 

The mission of Imagine Canada is “to strengthen Canadian charities and nonprofits so they can better serve individuals and communities both here and around the world.” To that end, they have a deep well of resources for nonprofits—including a new HR toolkit and a wealth of information on grant and funding opportunities. Get regular updates from their 360 blog, when you subscribe.  


Pure & Applied Group 

Based in Montreal, Pure & Applied focuses on learning, research, and development. They help nonprofits as well as academic and education organizations build impactful learning solutions by putting learners first. Their blog is a resource for ideas and research into learning and social innovation, and it includes a variety of toolkits such as: “The best learning-development apps for nonprofits in 2022.”   



KCI is a consultancy focused on the nonprofit sector, with offices across Canada. They help with fundraising, strategy, research and analytics, and executive search. Their resources section, “KCI Insights”, is regularly updated with sector reports, thought-leadership papers, and trend analysis, as well as a podcast called “The Big Rethink.” 


Sage Advice Blog 

Sage’s own blog for Nonprofit Organizations is designed for sharing market insights, best practices, and innovative ideas in the nonprofit space. Posts range from “101” content on understanding nonprofit finance management to more specific advice like how to calculate various Canadian sales taxes.  

What makes these blogs so powerful is that they are written by peers—people just like you, who strive to make a difference and do it with as much efficacy as possible. From inspiration to execution, no matter your area of focus, you’ll find something pertinent to your own mission.