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Top talent management metrics to measure

Wondering top talent management metrics to measure? Your questions answered here.

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Top talent management metrics measure the activity and behavior of high potential or high performance employees that an organization has identified. All employees are valuable, but some have great potential to supercharge business performance, so it’s particularly important for employers to have good visibility of their continuing performance and related trends and factors.

Five key metrics among the many you could measure are:

  1. Turnover – the average length of time talent remains with your organization. If that time is showing a trend to decrease, you need to look at what’s causing this and reverse the trend, if you want to maintain and build your talent population
  2. Source – where do your talented employees come from? If you can identify common or prevalent factors, such as introductions by colleagues, particular qualifications or skills or a certain point in their career, you can look for ways to increase the talent pipeline in these fruitful areas or to find other candidates with similar characteristics
  3. Distribution – where is your talent within your organization? Are they all at one management level or spread around from early career to senior leadership? If a lot of your talent is nearing retirement age, this may flag a problem. Or if your talent is concentrated in one business function, you may need to look at building the population elsewhere.
  4. Engagement – you may measure satisfaction with various aspects of the workplace and role to all your employees, but it may be particularly useful to look at the views and attitudes of your talent group in isolation as well, so you can see any developing trends and take priority action if needed.
  5. Acquisition – it’s instructive to look at whether acquiring your top talent is more expensive than the average employee and to consider the value this may deliver. Time to hire is another metric, which may give you insight into whether you are making it easy for the best people to join you or if your employment offers tend to be immediately attractive.

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