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No more chasing late payments

We've partnered with Stripe and PayPal to ensure you can take payments directly from your invoices. And we've removed all the fiddly admin so getting paid is so easy, you won’t have to ask twice.

Taking payments just got...


Now customers can pay the moment they receive an invoice.


Get a complete view of transactions, right from when the invoice is paid, to when the money enters your account.


No need for you to deal with the messy bits of invoice payments when we do it all for you.

See the power of Invoice Payments, in action

Find out how easy it is to take payments, directly from your invoices. Our video covers everything from setup, to creating and sending e-invoices, to seeing the funds appear in your account.

Payments made easy

No more chasing late payments, now you can:


No more bleary-eyed payment admin, now you can:


No more processing payments manually, now you can:

No more awkward conversations.

More building relationships.

Invoice payments powered by Stripe or Paypal provide such an easy way for your customers to pay, you can make sure you are always on the front foot. From getting paid, staying on track with what you are owed, to processing payments – it’s all taken care of automatically, so that payments never spill into the valuable hours of your day, and you can focus on your business and your valuable customer relationships.

Sign up now

Step 1

Connect to Invoice Payments through your add-ons tab.

Step 2

Connect to PayPal or Stripe in less than five minutes.

Step 3

Get paid with speed and ease thanks to the Pay Now button on invoice templates provided for you in your software, or add the button to your customised invoices for a personal feel.

Sign up and switch on invoice payments within minutes

Simply sign into Stripe and PayPal if you already use it, or create a new account to get started.

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