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Sage Construction Project Center

Enhance project delivery and profitability with everyone in sync.

Online collaboration at its best

Sage Construction project center integrates with Sage 300 Construction to provide a seamless, secure, central online collaboration hub.

Work better together

The building team can collect, share distribute, track, and take action on all project-related information. The results are smoother running projects that end on time, on budget, and with less risk.

Increase accountability

Keep a traceable record of every action performed on the job. With Sage Construction Project Center, all activity is logged and easily accessible to remove guesswork, reduce finger pointing, and prevent litigation.

Simplify project documents

Allow everyone on a project to share, track, and find documents they need to do their job—from contracts and RFIs to daily logs and change requests. Your project team will not only be more efficient—you’ll lessen your risk of litigation with more detailed documentation.

Keep everyone up to date

Post drawing revisions and other updates just once. Sage Construction Project Center will automatically distribute them to everyone who needs them. You’re confident everyone is carrying out their part of the project with the latest details, avoiding confusion and costly mistakes.

Smoother running projects

Keep projects moving forward, in or out of the office

Speed up approvals

Keep projects on schedule with timely approvals. Sage Construction Project Center automates your approval workflow, so you always know whose signature may be holding up the process. Need approvals from multiple parties at different locations? No sweat. The web-based project management tool can handle that too.

Communicate better

Deliver communications directly to each team member’s email inbox for added convenience. Emails include a built-in reply box. So when a recipient answers an RFI, for example, the response is automatically recorded in the solution for future reference.

Work from anywhere

Give project team members access to documents and transactions from the office, jobsite, or on the road. Sage Construction Project Center is a secure, cloud-based project management system. So you can collaborate anytime, anywhere from a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Improve cost management with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

There’s no need to re-key accounting and project management information. Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage Construction Project Center work effortlessly together to share companies, contacts, vendors, commitments and more. Project managers can view job-to-date costs and budgets by accessing the online project management tools through any web-enabled device. And employees only have to enter information, such as change orders, once. Talk about collaboration! 

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