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AIM environment group - canada

AIM Environmental Group cleans up its finances with Sage Intacct

Provider of sustainable solutions in the organics processing industry streamlines its financial reporting with Sage software

Struggling to get a grip on the financials

With its previous system, AIM Enviromental Group did not have the ability to ‘roll up’ its financial statements. Everything was done on Excel - it involved extensive manual data entry, resulting in a lot of different reports.

Sage Intacct has increased a lot of the time savings and has given a lot of time back to our employees.

Scott Carney

Sage software sets the business on its path to growth

AIM Enviromental group began looking for another accounting software package as part of its initiative to prioritize innovation. Sage Intacct is proving to be the perfect fit, allowing it to grow to the next level and start integrating all of its disparate systems into one ERP.

A big part of the draw again for Stage Intact is the ability to be able to rollout systems and accounting software almost instantly.

Scott Carney

Simplifying the accounting process

With Sage Intacct, AIM now has the ability to run consolidated statements. It can set any parameters and dig into the details with the click of a button. Intacct also helps with the end-of-year auditing process. Over the next five to 10 years, AIM aims to quadruple its number of facilities and Intacct gives it the confidence to do that.

Sage Intacct simplifies the accounting process, unifying different departments and facilities into one consolidated cloud-based system.

Scott Carney

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