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Monstercat hits the right note with Sage Intacct

Independent music record label improves its financial visibility across departments, customers, and revenue types using Sage software

Laying the foundations for better financial management

The Director of Finance saw the need to replace Monstercat’s Sage 300 on-premises accounting software. He wanted to lay the groundwork to better manage and report on Monstercat’s dynamic revenue streams – spanning royalties from streaming services like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube, along with publishing revenue, physical sales, and licensing.

We were getting to the point where the tools we had to track our financials were just not going to be sufficient as we added more entities and currencies.

Rob Hill
Director of Finance

Transforming financial management

Sage Intacct is streamlining the business’ key financial processes, such as estimating passive royalty income coming in from various services on differing schedules, allocating payments to individual artists, as well as managing credit card reconciliations, intercompany transactions, monthly reporting, and global consolidations.

All that data input is much simpler, making our four-person finance team probably 30% more efficient.

Rob Hill
Director of Finance

Plucking out the fine details

Monstercat takes full advantage of Sage Intacct’s financial report writer to filter, group, and organize financial data. As a result, the finance team can compare results across different aspects of the business, drill down into various expense categories, and easily produce consolidated balance sheets and net income reports.

I can pull information in any way that my stakeholders want, without having to worry about difficult data manipulations in Excel..

Rob Hill
Director of Finance

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