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The Answer Company remedies its financial complexities with Sage Intacct

ERP consultancy gains powerful scenario modelling and slashes its admin effort with move from NetSuite to Sage software.

Simplifying the financials

The Answer Company has enjoyed rapid growth in revenue — roughly doubling in each of the past five years. But this growing line up of partner products, services, and customers has brought new financial complexity to the professional services firm which its Oracle NetSuite solutions were unable to untangle.

Sage Intacct has everything we needed from an accounting perspective, and it’s purely focused on financials.

George Lawton

Acting on the chatter of the data

Using Sage Intacct, The Answer Company has new ability for monthly budget vs. actuals reporting, versus the annual reporting of the past. That allows for more in-stream agility based on timely data, better reforecasting, and closer collaboration with leaders across the company.

The combined Sage Intacct solution equips us to better support the business with strategic thinking and decision making.

George Lawton

Accounting made easy

The Sage Intacct budgeting solution has proved far more flexible and granular in handling multiple products and groups, as well as breakdowns of consulting staff time. With the new system, The Answer Company expects that future budgeting will be 80% to 90% faster than was possible in NetSuite or Excel.

Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning makes it very easy to add a product, update a budget, or push budget details to Sage Intacct for reporting.

George Lawton

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