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Voices close faster and free up their financial team with Sage Inc. - Canada

The team at Voices, a London-based audio services marketplace, discover how to modernize their financial management and streamline processes for more efficiency.

From outdated software to scalable financial management

The team at Voices needed new financial management software to successfully manage hundreds of daily online financial transactions across multiple countries. After building many processes on Salesforce, they needed the new software to integrate with it directly.

As an online marketplace, we do hundreds of transactions a day, so we need integration to happen immediately in order to keep our financial reporting timely."

Brittany McCarthy
Director of Finance

Boosting productivity with anytime access

The team at Voices chose Sage Intaact to help them automate manual tasks, make informed decisions, and integrate with Salesforce. As a scalable solution, Sage Intaact could grow with the business as they add more suppliers and buyers to their marketplace.

Sage Intact allows our team to do more value-add work, rather than just mundane tasks."

Brittany McCarthy
Director of Finance

Faster month end closes and 10% efficiency gains for the finance team

With Sage Intaact, the entire team can be more productive. Department heads now benefit from faster budget variant reports. The finance team have seen month end closes decrease from 15 days to 2 days and shrunk Days Sales Outstanding from 45 days to 35 days. And they now have better visibility into Accounts Receivable, significantly improving cash flow.

We expected a solution that was quick, detailed, and easy to use — we’ve gotten all of that, and more."

Brittany McCarthy
Director of Finance

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