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Sustainability and society : Human by Design

Human by Design

Our Human by Design pillar is our approach to amplifying economic inclusion and growing sustainably. We’re committed to building a diverse, human-centred culture, and we’re achieving this by fostering wellbeing alongside diversity, equity and inclusion, in our workplace and beyond.

Our strategic pillars

Under the Human by Design pillar, we focus on three strategic priorities: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Future Fit Work; and Wellbeing.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We know that diverse businesses are more resilient businesses. By creating an equitable and inclusive environment, we attract talent from a wider pool of candidates and ensure our workforce reflects the rich diversity of our customers and communities. Our DEI strategy shares details about the mission, vision, governance, commitments, goals, measures, and timescales across 3 strategic pillars – diverse teams, equitable culture, and inclusive leadership. For more information please see pages 30-33 in our FY23 Sustainability and Society Report.

Future Fit Work

Attracting and retaining talent is a key investment for Sage and is vital to business continuity and sustainable growth. At Sage, future fit skills mean nurturing adaptable capabilities such as digital literacy, design thinking, collaboration, and continuous learning that are crucial for success as the business grows. By making strategic commitments in this area, we hope to create a culture where colleagues feel proud, supported to do their best work, and develop the skills they need now—and in the future. For more information please see pages 36-37 in our FY23 Sustainability and Society Report.


By making wellbeing, and health and safety, second-nature to everyone at Sage, we ingrain a supportive environment where colleagues feel psychologically safe and supported to take care of their wellbeing. In turn, this contributes to a sustainable, enjoyable, high-performing
culture, which attracts and retains talent, increases diversity, and supports business productivity. For more information please see pages 34-35 in our FY23 Sustainability and Society Report.

Explore our pillars

Tech for Good

Tech for Good is our commitment to supporting SMBs and communities to thrive by building trusted and inclusive digital network and solutions. We are delivering on this pillar by using data and visualisations to help progress sustainable development goals, building trust and security into our network whilst maintaining high levels of data and AI ethics, and empowering people through Sage Foundation to scale businesses and develop the skills they need.

Protect the Planet

The Protect the Planet pillar is our commitment to fight climate change and drive a faster global transition to net zero. We are delivering this commitment by halving our own emissions by 2030 and becoming net zero by 2040, empowering SMBs to get to net zero and by advocating for regulatory frameworks to support the transition to a low carbon economy, whilst championing the role of SMBs.

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