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72% of HR leaders believe the pandemic has helped them demonstrate their value and increase understanding of HR’s role. Do you?

Discover what HR and People leaders are saying is key to getting and staying ahead in the new world of work.

HR in the moment research report series: Key findings

We polled 2000+ HR leaders, business execs and employees across two research reports to understand more about changing expectations of HR, and how People leaders are delivering business impact. Here's what we found.


HR: 'We are leading the charge'

65% of HR leaders say their teams played a vital role in the pandemic, driving change, enabling remote working, and supporting wellbeing.

The c-suite: 'Changes in HR have accelerated'

87% of c-suite executives say the pandemic accelerated changes in HR, with HR increasing influence and visibility, but half feel this is only temporary.

Employees: 'HR has become more people-focused'

60% of employees noticed changes in HR's role, such as being more strategic and people-focused.

The future of HR analytics

94% of companies have access to HR metrics, but 68% aren't reliant on it to drive business decisions.


The accelerated digital transformation

83% of HR leaders say HR technology has enabled them to be more flexible and responsive.

HR in the moment: Changing expectations and perceptions of HR

Research report: How have recent events impacted the HR landscape?

72% of HR leaders say the recent crisis has helped them demonstrate their value. However, 57% of c-suite leaders still see HR as purely an admin function.

This was just one of the key findings in our first research report in the ‘HR in the moment’ series. Download the research to get a 360-degree view of HR in today’s rapidly changing world of work.


A 360 degree view of the changing expectations of HR today

Recent changes mean expectations and perceptions of HR are changing. Sage surveyed over 1,500 HR leaders, executives and employees to understand how—and the role technology is playing.

HR is leading change

HR has become more influential but at the expense of a bigger workload. Get the key stats from our research report today. 

HR in the moment: Impact through insights

Research report two: How can HR create more value and business impact?

94% of c-suite execs said they have access to some form of HR data, but 62% of HR leaders say they're not able to use data to spot trends and make business related predictions. 

Download the second research report in our 'HR in the moment' series to find out more about what HR and business leaders said about the future of People analytics.


How are HR leaders using analytics to drive impact?

While 81% of c-suite leaders feel HR's priorities are aligned to that of the overall business, 59% don't feel HR is playing a leading role across them. See how modern HR technology is enabling HR leaders in providing the needed insights at the right time to drive business impact. 

The future of People analytics

Explore how the changing world of work and the increased use of People analytics has shifted the HR agenda and how, enabled by technology, people leaders can drive greater impact to their business and people.

HR in the moment: What's next for HR

Research report three: HR's role in the new world of work

HR and People teams played a crucial role in 2020. Now, they need to prepare for a different role that deals with the longer-term requirements of businesses and their employees. 

Get the last research report in the ‘HR in the moment’ series to learn how HR can get ahead in the new working world.

HR's role has changed. So, what's next?

From re-imagining ways of working and building inclusive, people-focused cultures, to winning in a competitive talent landscape, HR's role in the new working world is more vital to businesses than ever.

How will HR prepare for the future?

87% of the c-suite state the pandemic accelerated changes for HR, but 52% think this is only temporary. Learn what's next for HR in our latest research.

Exclusive HR insights at your fingertips

Advice, guidance and tangible next steps for HR and People leaders navigating today's rapidly changing world of work.

Four steps to better People analytics

See how data-driven workforce visibility helps you truly understand what attracts, engages and motivates your people, and allows you to make smarter, insight-based decisions. 

The changing face of HR

Changes in the way organizations operate, work, and manage their people are occurring. Learn how to transform HR from a process-focused function to a people-driven business.

Leading HR into the future

If the data is clear on anything, it’s that the HR function must be prepared for change. See how the role of HR is shifting and what are the new skills required to lead your team today, and in the future.

The People team of tomorrow

Gain insights into the four crucial HR skillsets needed for tomorrow and how to prepare your teams today.

Business resilience: How HR leaders can empower change

Discover the eight essential ways HR and People leaders can lead with business agility, and build resilience in organizations today.

4 ways HR can drive agile ways of working

See how HR and People leaders can drive agile ways of working to achieve success during times of rapid change.

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Sage HR

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For small to medium-sized businesses that want a modular HR system that will simplify processes across the end-to-end employment journey.

  • Affordable end-to-end HR system that’s easy to administrate
  • Core HR and leave management with additional modules for performance, timesheets, shift scheduling, recruitment, and expenses
  • Modular design, pricing, and setup
  • Ready to go out of the box, no implementation required
  • Establish a single source of truth for all your employee data
  • Automate people processes to reduce admin and improve productivity
  • Easy to navigate employee self-serve for better employee experience
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Sage People

Ideal for 200+ employees

For medium-sized businesses that want to manage global or multi-locational teams from a single, scalable cloud system.

  • Highly configurable HR and people solution managed by your HR team
  • Core HR, attendance and leave, performance and talent management, compensation management with additional recruitment module available
  • Built on Salesforce, an enterprise-grade platform
  • Team of implementation experts to get maximum value, followed by a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Meet multi-national, multi-currency, and multi-locational employee requirements
  • Advanced workflows and configurable reporting to meet specific business requirements
  • Customizable branding and content per business area for personalized employee self-serve

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