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Attendance and leave management

Empower employees to manage their own time off, saving hours of admin for HR. Easily manage flexible and varied working options across different groups and regions, and accurately track sickness simply and efficiently.

Time-off management

  • Highly configurable policy settings make it easy to meet evolving legislation and absence rules in different locations.
  • Empower your employees to schedule paid time off and track absences and other types of leave using the self-service portal.
  • Easily track and manage planned and unplanned absences by team or individual.
  • Team calendars and overlapping absence warnings enable managers to check they have appropriate cover before approving time off.

Complete picture

  • Identify, manage, and report on paid leave, absences, overtime, and more to meet compliance requirements for the entire global workforce.
  • Get complete visibility of all employees’ attendance and leave through integrated reporting and dashboards to improve decision making.
  • Monitor and manage the cost of absences, keeping an eye on critical trends such as working time lost by month, with easy-to-use drag and drop reporting.
  • Upload documents to team member records, such as doctor's notes or medical assessments, for auditing purposes.

Time-saving automation

  • Automatically notify employees when their requests are approved and update remaining entitlements in real time.
  • Record total time, start and end time, time by pay code, and time by work allocation through configurable timesheets that can be integrated with your payroll.
  • Easily manage flexible working options with configurable working patterns that can be allocated to different team members.
  • Save time for more strategic activities and remove costly payroll errors by auto-calculating overtime hours for individual employees or teams.

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