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HandiSoft Compliance Modules

Streamline paper or electronic lodgement of the most commonly lodged company forms to ASIC

HandiRegister manages the electronic and paper lodgement of the most commonly lodged company forms required by ASIC.

It supports the download and maintenance of Australian Company Registers and the preparation of company minutes and resolutions.

HandiRegister takes the guesswork out of managing company documentation. For example, initiating a change of address for an officeholder or shareholder automatically generates the relevant ASIC forms for all companies with which the individual is associated. Similarly, minutes or resolutions saved against a company can be re-used in subsequent years.

Key Features

  • Automatic creation of all EDGE forms for all clients.
  • Changes to addresses in the central HandiSoft database will trigger a change in HandiRegister.
  • Company information held by ASIC can be imported into HandiRegister.
  • Electronic lodgment of the most common EDGE forms via the Internet.
  • Electronic lodgment and retrieval of Annual Statements via the Internet.