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Document Manager

HandiSoft Practice Management Modules

A powerful integrated electronic filing system

Sage HandiSoft Document Manager is practice management software that makes your accounting business less paper dependent.

By linking documents to client records and including powerful search tools, Document Manager makes it easy to find any electronic document within seconds. Respond to enquiries quickly and accurately with instant access to all correspondence. Save time for you and your clients using this proven practice management software for accountants.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Document Manager‘s intuitive “filing cabinet” interface is easy to use and fully integrated with all your existing HandiSoft products.
  • Security controls allow restrictions to protect sensitive files.
  • Maintains a record of who has made changes and when for version control.
  • Enhanced mail merging includes data from multiple HandiSoft modules. 
  • Search metadata (keyword properties/attributes e.g. date, author, client, document type etc.)
  • More reliable and comprehensive backups, with all documents stored centrally.
  • Easy-to-use bulk email facility to communicate with selected clients quickly.