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HandiSoft Practice Management Modules

Send SMS messages to your clients from any Sage HandiSoft module.

Notify is a powerful Sage HandiSoft add-on that enables you to send text messages to mobile phones using the internet.

As a professional, you know how important timely communication with clients and team members is.

Appointment reminders, deadline alerts or awaiting signature messages are made easy with Sage HandiSoft Notify. Simply click the SMS button in your Sage HandiSoft customer database to launch Notify. From there you just type the message and hit send!

Essentially, Notify empowers you to:

  • Send text messages to clients, team members or colleagues from any Sage HandiSoft module.
  • Stay in touch, build stronger business relationships and improve client loyalty.
  • Reduce cost and time of phoning or emailing status updates to your clients.
  • Integrates with the central Sage HandiSoft client database.

Key Features

  • Integrated and easy: Notify integrates with your Sage HandiSoft client database and enables you to send text messages from any module in the Sage HandiSoft suite. Simply right click on a mobile number to send a single message or select the menu option to send a bulk text to many numbers. To utilise Notify you require at least one licensed Sage HandiSoft module.
  • Template messages: You can create and store standard messages as templates for regular use. There is no need to re-type the same text over and over. Similar to email signatures, users can set up company or personal SMS signatures for text messages.
  • Automated messages with HandiTax: In combination with HandiTax you can set up standard messages to dispatch automatically based on events within HandiTax itself, such as Status Updates and Assessment Updates.

Topping Up your Text Messages

HandiSoft Notify requires that you pre-purchase text messages. 

You will be charged for each originating message of up to 160 characters sent to a mobile phone. For example, if you send a message to a group of 10 mobile numbers the charge will be for 10 messages.

Pre-purchased SMS messages are valid for a period of 90 days from the time of purchase. Purchasing additional messages before the current expiry date will extend the life of all messages to the new expiry date. 

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