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Are you compliant with the March 1 Fair Work legislation?

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Safeguard your business from salary underpayments

From March 1, 2021 the Fair Work Commission has mandated new compliance requirements. Are you ready?

Compliance in as little as 2 days*

Sage Employee Service is designed to protect your organisation, and its individuals from the risk of wage theft via a solution specifically designed to meet your Annual Salary Arrangements compliance obligations:

  • Meet your record keeping obligation with digital timesheets ensuring accurate time capture for salaried employees impacted by the new legislation
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of non-compliance by proactively identifying any underpayment before they occur
  • Deliver compliance without changing or updating your existing payroll system
  • A fast to deploy, cost-effective cloud solution that delivers compliance at a low total cost of ownership to the business
  • Payroll agnostic solution that can be deployed in as little as 2 days*
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Are you compliant?​

If you pay any of your staff a salary, it is likely you’re impacted by the Fair Work Commission’s new legislation in effect from March 1, 2021. These include a number of new record keeping and reporting obligations for businesses.

Failure to comply can result in criminal charges, heavy fines and reputational risk.

Take this quick Compliance Assessment to understand if your business is impacted.
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Ensure the capture of accurate and detailed time and attendance records for salaried employees impacted by the Fair Work Commission's Annual Salary Arrangement legislation. 

Alternatively, import bulk timesheets from third party time capture systems, including prior period timesheets to allow for retrospective analysis.

Sage Employee Service is web-based portal empowering salaried employees to manage their timesheet compliance requirements:

  • Intuitively enter start/stop times on any device, anytime, anywhere, including unpaid breaks beyond employee ‘outer limits’
  • Decrease the overheads of capturing time records for employees with standard work schedules via preconfigured templates
  • Self-service access for employees to update their personal details improving accuracy and timeliness of important record details
  • Convenient access for managers to view and approve timesheets
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Eliminate the uncertainty of underpaying your salaried employees with Sage Employees Service’s powerful award engine, specifically designed for Australia’s demanding regulatory environment.

Deliver confidence to the business that your salaried employees time and attendance records are being interpreted against the Fair Work Commission's modern awards:

  • Remove the overhead of managing award interpretations by leveraging the impacted modern awards pre-built within Sage Employee Service
  • Simplified management for attaching employees to their relevant awards
  • Flexibility to enable employees to be assigned against multiple awards



Sage Employee Service removes the uncertainty of employee underpayments with automatic comparison of interpreted timesheet data against an employee’s annual salary agreement.

Sage Employee Service performs the analysis necessary to identify any underpayments that need to be remitted to your affected employees:

  • Annual comparison between salary arrangement and what would have been earned based on actual recorded hours and the relevant award
  • Powerful visual indicators of any employee underpayments to review and trigger a reconciliation of backpay
  • Identification of any ‘outer-limit’ hours and calculation of any overtime and entitlements
  • Dashboards that highlight underpayments for proactive analysis before they become any issue
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FWC compliance solution for any organisation

Use SES to comply with the Fair Work Commission's Annual Salary Arrangement legislation, no matter what payroll system you use, enabling you to deploy a solution in as little as 2 days*

Payroll independent

Sage Employee Service provides all you need to deliver compliance to your organisation without needing to replace your existing payroll system in as little as 2 days*.

Import with ease

Whether you enter timesheets directly into the Sage Employees Service's portal or import timesheets in bulk from another system, Sage Employee Service can compare these against FWA’s modern awards to ensure your organisation is compliant.

Pre-built award templates

Remove the hassle and expense of managing award interpretations by leveraging the supported pre-built award template in Sage Employee Service.

MicrOpay integration

Sage Employee Service can be integrated with Sage MicrOpay to import interpreted timesheets data from SES and automate any required backpay transactions.

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* The 'in as little as two days’ deployment timeline is based on a non-integrated solution for businesses with under 200 employees. For businesses that have additional requirements, integration to existing payroll system or greater than 200 employees, implementation scope and timeline will need to be accessed. Note: Staff training is not included in the implementation project timeline.