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Sage MicrOpay

Configurable modules to help you extend the use of your Sage MicrOpay payroll solution.

Sage MicrOpay Enhancements

Within the Sage MicrOpay software suite we offer configurable solutions to enhance your payroll and HR management functionality.

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Employee self-service (Sage ESS)

Empower employees to access and update their personal details, request leave, review pay advices and summaries anytime anywhere with Sage ESS – a reimagined employee self-service cloud application.

Sage ESS combines the rich, traditional employee service capabilities needed to manage fast-growing organisations with a modern intuitive user interface for today’s mobile workforce. It helps transform People function and enables organisations to execute on their strategy.

Sage ESS provides a “connected employee experience” between employees and their managers.

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Sage BI reporting module

Step outside the realm of static historical-only reports and visualise key insights and trends, with the Sage MicrOpay Business Intelligence (BI) reporting module. Benefit from:

  • Mobility: access reports and visualisations from anywhere, at any time
  • Extendibility: design additional reports and visualisations to meet your various reporting requirements
  • Totality: add additional data sources to your payroll solution for deeper, richer and broader insights

This module provides customisable dashboards for Finance, HR and Business Unit managers to meet their own specific requirements across leave reports, transaction costing reports and workplace gender equality reports.

Sage 300cloud plug-in

Our Sage 300cloud plug-in makes it easy to export your company’s general ledger information from Sage MicrOpay payroll to Sage 300cloud.

The seamless integration between the two packages enables you to access the Sage 300cloud chart of accounts within Sage MicrOpay payroll to facilitate accuracy when setting up your general ledger file. It then uploads your batch GL file directly into Sage 300cloud – it’s that simple.

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Multi-employee timesheets - remote access

Keep track of employee work hours from remote locations with multi-employee timesheets.

This optional stand-alone feature is designed to be used at remote locations where employee timesheets need to be recorded.

The timesheet is installed at your remote location, and once the employee has completed their timesheet it can be emailed to the payroll department where it is imported into Sage MicrOpay for processing.



The type of information that is recorded through the timesheet is customisable and can include:

  • Leave taken
  • Normal hours worked
  • Overtime hours
  • Commissions
  • Bonuses
  • Allowances
  • Deductions

New Zealand payroll

The Sage MicrOpay New Zealand payroll feature makes it easy for your business to process payroll for employees in New Zealand.

It has been developed to comply with New Zealand tax and regulatory requirements, including:

  • Employer Monthly Schedule (EMS IR 348 File).
  • Banking file formats for all the main NZ banks.
  • Customisable bank file setup.
  • Kiwi Saver compliant.
  • Tax tables for NZ that adhere to the NZ rounding rules for final tax values.
  • Incorporates ACC levy.
  • Incorporates student loan tax rules.
  • Pays leave according to the NZ Holiday Act (annual, sick, bereavement and public leave).

Superannuation clearing house

Sage Express Super is your path to easy super processing.

Minimise the time you spend on paying superannuation contributions and protect your business against non-compliance and processing errors.

Sage Express Super has been designed to accommodate all of the SuperStream changes and requirements, giving you peace of mind that your contributions will be processed in the formats required by the ATO.

Sage Express Super is certified as a “gold status” product with the ATO, signifying that our HR management software solution is SuperStream ready and enables the electronic sending and receiving of data between super funds.

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General Ledger

Accurately matching payroll costs with GL codes in your finance system is critical for your business and there is no margin for error. With the General Ledger interface, you can export your journals in the format that meets your financial system requirements.

Once your General Ledger file has been defined your business can seamlessly export payroll costs from Sage MicrOpay and import the data into your finance system, with each cost already assigned to the appropriate GL code.

Your business will benefit from:

  • No manual data entry into your finance system and double handling of data, removing the risk of human processing errors.
  • Significant reduction in the time spent integrating data between payroll software and finance systems.
  • Accurate payroll expense analysis and reporting.

Sage MicrOpay can interface with many accounting and ERP solutions, enabling you to perform accurate payroll data analysis and reporting through your accounting system.

Report writer

Customise reports and easily share them with your Finance, HR management or senior management teams for analysis with Sage MicrOpay report writer.

Give your business more control over report functionality and options with:

  • The ability to customise standard Sage MicrOpay reports.
  • The capability to add your company logo to reports.
  • The ability to create new reports based on any data within your database, to meet your specific requirements.
  • The ability to perform calculations on your data and export them into excel format to easily distribute to other departments.
  • The reduction of manual data entry.

Email pay advices

Enable your employees to receive their pay advices and payment summaries by email, significantly reducing the labour and printing costs involved.

Pay advices and payment summaries are password protected to ensure that sensitive information can only be accessed by the authorised employee. Pay advices are seamlessly emailed directly from Sage MicrOpay to your employee’s nominated email address.

Third party interface

Exchange transaction data between Sage MicrOpay and third-party applications.

This feature can import from and export to all types of transaction data, from third-party applications such as:

  • Time and attendance.
  • Rostering.
  • Award interpreter.
  • Costing systems.
  • Timesheet systems.
  • Employee self-service systems.
  • HR systems.

Once imported, all transactions can be verified on-screen and in reports to ensure accuracy.