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Single Touch Payroll (STP) Reporting

A comprehensive set of resources to make STP simple and help you be compliant.

Our promise to you

Sage has successfully completed the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) STP Certification process for our payroll solutions. This verified the compliance of our Sage MicrOpay and WageEasy hosted and on-premise software, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage Outsourcing and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Payroll, with the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll Reporting requirements.

These requirements came into effect:

  • 1st July 2018 for organisations of 20 or more employees
  • 1st July 2019 for organisations of 19 or fewer employees

What is Single Touch Payroll?

Streamlined and automated business reporting.

STP Reporting is designed to streamline business reporting obligations, enabling employers to report payments such as salaries and wages, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding and superannuation information directly from your Sage payroll solution at the same time you pay employees. This means the ATO will have real-time access to Australian payroll data linking PAYG to Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Superannuation Ordinary Times Earnings Calculations.

Simplified reporting, and time savings.

STP Reporting changes the way you report to the ATO, but there are some key benefits that make it worthwhile.

Streamlined and automated reporting for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) withholding. You’ll be able to remit PAYG with each payroll event.

Reduce your admin by prefilling of W1 and W2 on the Business Activity Statement (BAS)

End of year will become smoother as you’ll no longer have to process payment summaries, part-year payment summaries or submit end of year reporting to the ATO.

Upcoming training and events

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6th March 2020

Sage Payroll Conference in Brisbane. 

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Sage Payroll Conference in Melbourne.

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26th March 2020

Sage Payroll Conference in Sydney.

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STP enablement resources

We know you want as much information as you can get on STP, so we’ve pulled together some resources to help you out.

Sage Resources

STP Reporting Checklist

Based on our involvement with the ATO STP Reporting Working Group, we have developed readiness checklists for you to use as a first step.

STP Reporting FAQ

Our support and services teams receive regular questions from customers. We’ve pulled all of these into a FAQ.

STP Reporting for Accountants

Ensure you and your clients are ready for STP with our handy resources and guides.

Industry Resources

Budget Savings Omnibus Bill

Single Touch Payroll reporting was introduced into Parliament through the Budget Savings Omnibus Bill on 31 August 2016 and received Royal Assent on 16 September 2016.

ATO Resources

Get more information on STP straight from the ATO. Get information on how payroll solutions are being enabled to support you through this change or read their myth busting page.

PwC Resources

As a leader in advisory services PwC has created some valuable pieces of content. Get insights straight from the ATO STP Reporting Program Director, Michael Karavas.

BDO Content

BDO Australia has created some exceptional pieces of content around STP, from introduction videos to pros and cons.

Your security is important to us

We understand how important the security of your data is, which is why we have completed a comprehensive review and implemented extensive measures to ensure your data is secure with Sage and our partner SuperChoice. The ATO has reviewed SuperChoice and granted ATO “Operational Framework” approval. As SuperChoice manages a “high volumes of taxpayer or superannuation records”, SuperChoice must meet the highest level of ATO Operational Framework requirements:

  • All data passed between Sage and SuperChoice (API integration or Portal upload) is encrypted in transit in accordance to HTTPs TSL 1.2.
  • All data stored by SuperChoice is stored encrypted at rest within Australia.
  • SuperChoice has monitoring at network, application and transaction level.
  • All data passed between SuperChoice and the ATO is encrypted in transit in accordance to HTTPs TSL 1.2 and in secured in accordance with the ATO ebMS 3 standards


To find out more about the ATO Operational Framework, visit the ATO site for developers.

ATO's Operational Framework Overview

Single Touch Payroll News

Keep up to date with the latest news and articles regarding STP.

New legislation broadens STP reporting scope

16th January 2020

Employers will voluntarily be able to report deductions related to child support from employee salary or wages through Single Touch Payroll if new draft legislation is passed. 

Incoming tax changes for SMEs in 2020

8th January 2020

Small businesses are being urged to keep abreast of some key tax changes coming in 2020, with an accounting body warning they “can have a big impact on the way you run your business”. 

‘Visible, valued and owned’: ATO outlines super priorities for new year

30th December 2019

The ATO has renewed its commitment to making sure super is “visible, valued and owned” in 2020, naming consolidation of member accounts and reducing the incidence of SG non-payment as some of its key priorities for the coming year. 

'The last chance': Final super warning as amnesty approaches Senate

3rd December 2019

Employers have been warned they will never see a better deal for coming clean on unpaid superannuation than the government's amnesty bill, and its introduction will spell the end of excuses for non-payment. 

Payroll ‘health checks’ for late employers as ATO reveals common STP errors

28th November 2019

Employers filing multiple payroll records and an inability to finalise data in cases where incorrect payments have been made have emerged as common issues facing businesses coming to terms with single touch payroll (STP) reporting. 

Sage confirmed as #1

March 2019

In its 2019 Payroll Benchmarking Report, the Australian Payroll Association has confirmed: “Sage is the #1 payroll solution provider across all organisations surveyed by the APA.”

STP to cover all businesses as legislation passes.

12th February 2019

The extension of Single Touch Payroll to employers with 19 or fewer employees has finally passed both Houses today after late amendments were tabled in late last year.

ATO to begin contacting businesses over STP

23rd January 2019

The ATO will begin to contact small businesses already using payroll software in a bid to get them to start Single Touch Payroll reporting before the 1 July deadline.

Five tax tips for businesses looking to get ahead of the curve in 2019

14th January 2019

…with a federal election on the cards, a suite of SME tax policies from both parties, and even more STP compliance to come, 2019 is shaping up to be just as disruptive, if not more so.

Payday Filing – An Overview of Changes and Requirements

21st December 2018

The new payday filing legislation announced on March 1st of this year will bring with it several changes and requirements for those who do business in New Zealand.

Nowhere to hide as ATO empowered to chase super dodgers.

11th December 2018

The tax office will gain an unprecedented view of small business superannuation payments after legislation extending single-touch payroll was agreed upon in the Senate last week, opening up new penalties for those who don't pay their workers the superannuation guarantee.

Inland Revenue walks the talk on payday filing

28th November 2018

Inland Revenue has become the country’s first big employer to adopt payday filing ahead of it being mandatory on 1 April next year.

15,000 SMBs move to single touch payroll

14th November 2018

Australian small employers are beginning to move to Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting, despite the expectation they won’t have to do so till July 1, 2019.

Are you ready for payday filing?

8th November 2019

The payroll processes will be getting more streamlined for business owners and payroll teams, as changes to the IRD's payroll information filing come into effect, simplifying the way employers file tax information for their employees.

ATO to move over 700,000 businesses to single touch payroll as experts warn on compliance costs

23rd October 2018

The taxman is workshopping ways to help small firms without digital systems adopt single touch payroll (STP) in an attempt to get ahead of concern micro-businesses may find it difficult to adopt the new system.

STP to put spotlight on super contributions.

12th October 2018

While Single Touch Payroll has sparked debate about efficiency and cost of electronic payroll, it has been claimed employers that are late in paying super contributions will “stand out in real-time”.

Microbusiness won’t be forced onto payroll software: ATO

4th October 2018

The tax office has confirmed that it will not force micro businesses to buy payroll software, which had been a key concern over the impending rollout of Single Touch Payroll to smaller employers.

Sage releases final version of STP-compliant version of Sage MicrOpay and Sage WageEasy

24th September 2018

Today, Sage announces further enhancements to STP Reporting and introduces Pegg smart assistant chatbot in the latest Sage MicrOpay and Sage WageEasy release!.

Sage introduces Multi-Factor Authentication to Sage Payroll Online and Outsourcing customers.

24th September 2018

To continuously improve security and in line with ATO’s recently introduced new framework requirements, Sage has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication. This is a two-step authentication process which adds another layer of security to Payroll Online accounts.

Sage Makes Single Touch Payroll Easy for All its Customers

9th July 2018

"Sage took all the mystery out of the new ATO reporting requirements and provided us with lots of information prior to set up.”

Sage Payroll Outsourcing Service and STP

1st July 2018

The Sage Payroll Outsourcing Service begins STP reporting for all relevant customers.

ATO certifies Sage Construction and Real Estate

18th June 2018

Sage has successfully completed the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) STP Certification process, which verified the compliance of our Sage Construction and Real Estate software with the ATO’s impending Single Touch Payroll Reporting requirements.

Sage releases final version of STP-compliant version of Sage MicrOpay

18th June 2018

Today, STP-compliant versions of Sage MicrOpay On-premise were released.

Sage releases final version of STP-compliant version of Sage WageEasy

18th June 2018

Today, STP-compliant versions of Sage WageEasy On-premise were released.

ATO adds Sage payroll solutions to their SBR Product Register

11th June 2018

ATO adds Sage payroll solutions to their STP-compliant Product Register

11th June 2018

Sage releases STP-ready version of Sage ESS

1st June 2018

Today, STP-ready version of Sage ESS and New Starters functionality was released.

Important: Tax Agent Registration Requirements

17th May 2018

There has been a recent announcement on Tax Agent Registration Requirements that may impact your business. For businesses that are providing a payroll processing service on behalf of another business and receiving a fee for the service may be required to be a registered agent. For details on whether your business is required to complete this registration please visit the website. 

Simplifying Single Touch Payroll

28th March 2018

Accountants will play a pivotal role in the changeover to the single touch payroll system which takes effect in Australia from 1 July this year.

Sage releases EOFY and STP Readiness Outsourcing Check list

21st March 2018

The EOFY and STP Readiness Checklist is now available to our Outsourcing payroll customers, to help them be ready for May.

Sage releases STP-ready version of MicrOpay

15th March 2018

Today, STP-ready versions of Sage MicrOpay On-premise and Sage MicrOpay Payroll Online were released.

Sage releases STP-ready versions of WageEasy

14th March 2018

Today, STP-ready versions of Sage WageEasy On-premise and Sage WageEasy Payroll Online were released.

Sage launches Single Touch Payroll Reporting Transition Support Services for its customers

12th March 2018

Sage customers can choose between 1-on-1 Consulting support, classroom training and Online Webinar Support for their transition to STP Reporting.

Sage STP Reporting Support page goes live.

14th December 2017

While still waiting on the final ATO specification for STP Reporting, Sage releases a support resource for its payroll customers.

Sage on ATO Panel at STP Employer Engagement Forum

17th November 2017

Listen to the latest about Single Touch Payroll as well as questions put to the ATO and payroll industry experts.