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4 supply chain trends for EDI and warehousing Canadian businesses need to know

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Today, more than ever, the pressure on distributors and manufacturers to meet supply chain requirements of their trading partners and customers is at an all-time high, and the success of these relationships is reliant on the systems that automate and simplify order management and order fulfillment processes.

Here are the top 4 supply chain trends to keep your eyes on when evaluating an EDI and Warehousing solution that can future-proof your supply chain investments and help grow your business.

1. eCommerce & drop shipping

In today’s challenging supply chain environment, orders are coming from multiple sources – including eCommerce stores. To easily manage eCommerce orders (Amazon, Shopify,, etc.) and ship items via small parcel carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.), suppliers require a flexible solution to consolidate, orchestrate, and automate these processes without the complexity and high costs of customized software solutions.

2. Globalization

Expanding into new markets and new countries requires businesses to scale effectively as sales order volumes grow. With an easy-to-deploy, modular, and configurable solution – integrated to Sage – businesses can respond quickly to market changes without disruption to their existing practices. Choosing the wrong solution can result in the reinvestment of large sums of money to retrofit customized IT environments.

3. Inventory management for sales order fulfillment

Visibility to ‘item quantity’ and ‘item location’ are critical for any warehouse. Do you have this type of real-time inventory visibility to fulfill and ship orders on time, every time? Without a properly organized and automated warehouse, suppliers are not able to effectively deliver the right products, at the right time, at the right price – with the same or fewer resources.

4. Transportation logistics

With changing consumer needs across all markets and countries, suppliers require solutions that will give them the flexibility to fulfill and ship orders the same day or next day, while efficiently managing multiple carrier services (Small Parcel, FTL, LTL) and the applicable freight fees.

Not having a fully connected, automated front office (EDI) and back office (Warehousing) solution comes at a cost. It prevents your business from working as efficiently, effectively and competitively as it should.