Season 3: Building business resilience

Paul Irwin Co-founder & Creative Director at Loki Creative & Wanderruff

Respect as a cornerstone: Fostering a culture of dignity in business

In the relentless and ever-evolving landscape of the business world where the unending pursuit of profits, persistent drive for productivity, and competition dominate the scene, it is often the quieter more understated values that can have the most profound impact. 

Among these, one concept and value stands out with exceptional prominence: respect. It’s a word that carries a world of power, capable of evolving the very soul of an organization. And mutual respect is the key to a harmonious work environment, enhanced productivity, and a stellar reputation which all helps to foster business resilience.

From tiny startups to large corporations, every business is essentially a melting pot of unique individuals striving towards shared goals. Yet, what separates a truly remarkable business from the pack is the extent to which respect and dignity are deeply ingrained in its DNA. 

At Loki Creative and Wanderruff, our approach to work and collaboration success is a partnership steeped in mutual respect, first and foremost. It’s our secret ingredient. 

Loki Creative is a Vancouver-based creative studio with a focus on branding and digital marketing. While we don’t limit ourselves to a specific industry, we have a strong affinity for collaborating with purpose-driven businesses and like minded people who value what we do, and vice versa.

We understand that a solid partnership begins with respect, where conversations are open and honest. We dive deep into our proposals, seeking to understand not only our client’s needs but also their unique potential. This upfront exploration process allows us to determine if we’re a great fit, ensuring that we’re all on the same page and fully aligned. 

It’s in this culture of mutual respect and shared understanding that can help us craft powerful, positive partnerships that pave the way for project success and continued working relationships. Thanks to this, I am about to embark on another business venture—a coffee shop with a previous Loki Creative client. 

In many creative fields, the work we create and showcase is often highly subjective. Even when we meticulously plan and research, things can get a bit bumpy if our partner doesn’t see eye to eye with our final output. To avoid such hiccups, it’s crucial for both sides to appreciate and understand each other’s processes. If either the studio or partner doesn’t show this respect from the outset, the project could veer off course. 

Loki Creative intentionally stays nimble so we have the freedom to handpick our partnerships. We’re fortunate to have talented full-time staff and a tight-knit crew of contractors, allowing us to assemble the dream team for every project that comes our way—big or small. This flexibility has given both me and my partner, Anisa, the opportunity to nurture our other venture: Wanderruff, A dog product brand made from water bottles and recycled materials. 

We’ve always envisioned the opportunity to harness and apply our skills at Loki Creative for the creation of our own product-based business. We’re always helping our clients with branding expertise, packaging design, strategy, and digital marketing, and we wanted to leverage and tap into these skills for Wanderruff. So during Covid, Wanderruff was born.  

However, Wanderruff isn’t just about creating dog accessories; it’s about making a positive impact on our planet. Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just an ethical choice; it’s a strategic one. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and partnership as a force for good, and our latest venture exemplifies this belief. 

It’s in this spirit that we are excited to announce our forthcoming project, a collaboration with a highly successful Canadian denim brand that shares our core values. Together, we’ve embarked on an endeavor that combines innovation and sustainability—the creation of a unique dog toy fashioned from their waste denim. 

This collaboration signifies the convergence of 2 organizations dedicated to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. By repurposing surplus denim materials that might otherwise go to waste, we’re taking a significant step towards reducing our environmental impact. The result is a dog toy that marries style with sustainability, reflecting the ethos of Wanderruff and our commitment to conscious consumer choices.

We use recycled plastics and responsible packaging, collaborate with like-minded brands, and promote eco-conscious practices. This means we’re not only creating better products but also ensuring the resilience and longevity of our business while respecting our planet. Together, we’re leaving a smaller pawprint on the Earth and paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.

As we continue our journey, we hold fast to the belief that mutual respect is not just a principle we uphold; it’s the very lifeblood of our business. It powers our ability to navigate the turbulent tides of commerce, enabling us to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger. It transcends the realm of business; it is simply a good way to exist in the world. It serves as the bedrock of open and honest dialogue, fosters a climate of trust, and enables us to unlock the full potential of every partnership.