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Free Guide: 3 technologies transforming the accounting profession

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The continued survival of accounting firms can depend on their willingness to move with the technological times.

In this new guide from Sage, we look at the important technologies accounting professionals and small business owners need to know to help transform their business into an efficient machine. 

This accountancy technology guide demystifies the following advancements disrupting the accountancy profession and explains how firms are already benefiting from this technology:


The most-hyped technology of recent years, blockchain is likely to revolutionize accounting because, at its core, it’s a more efficient and secure way of recording transactions of any type.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t new technology. Research has been ongoing since the 1950s, but recent innovations have begun to push a more
useful kind of AI into the mainstream business world.In the world of finance and accounting, there’s one specific technology that’s coming increasingly to the fore: machine learning.

The Cloud

What exactly is the cloud? Put simply, it shifts the applications you use and the data stored within them to the Internet, and away from the old way of working focused on a single computer, or a private
network of computers within a business.