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Free guide for accountants: Creating access level agreements


Free guide for accountants: Creating access level agreements

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For the last decade, I have devoted my career to helping professionals see themselves as a knowledge worker and adjust their business model accordingly from one of “we sell time” to “we sell knowledge.”

Creating Access-Level Agreements distills some of the best thinking from myself and other knowledge leaders with which I have worked into a digestible nugget of knowledge. While it is written for accountants, the principles adapt easily to other professions as well.

This guide was referenced in the popular Sage Forum 2020 session ‘Selling your brain NOT your time: subscription pricing for accounting professionals‘, delivered by Ed Kless.

How to create access level agreements

A guide to selling your brain instead of your time. Get to grips with 'Value-based pricing 2.0'.


Get your guide to access level agreements
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