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Free Guide: The Practice of Now 2020

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Free Guide: The Practice of Now 2020

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Download this year’s Practice of Now 2020.

This industry guide for accountants and bookkeepers provides industry analysis based on the interviews of thousands of stakeholders worldwide to take the pulse of the profession at large.

This report is mandatory reading for any accounting professional. It provides an unparalleled degree of insight into their industry – and shows how the profession is changing.

Put simply, the report is a gift to the accountant that wants to get ahead.

The View from Canada

This year’s Practice of Now talks to two Canadian based thought leaders to learn how bookkeepers and accountants are adapting their practice to function in a COVID-19 world while also maintaining excellent customer service.


The Practice of Now 2020

We surveyed 3,000 accountants worldwide to reveal how the accounting landscape is changing. Discover how your fellow accountants are preparing for the next decade and learn what you can do now to keep your practice successful.

Get The Practice of Now 2020
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