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Manufacturing Report 2019: Riding the Wave of Uncertainty (Free Guide)

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As process manufacturers grow, globalization becomes a factor. Interacting with the world offers lucrative opportunities, creating a higher demand for products and sources of cheaper raw materials that often impact the entire supply chain. But globalization also means complex challenges. A crowded global market means more competition and a rapidly accelerating rate of change.

The new report, ‘Riding the wave of uncertainty: How process manufacturers are planning for a brighter future in 2019’ is the culmination of a Sage global survey of more than 900 process manufacturers and provides a ‘finger on the pulse’ reading of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

The report depicts an industry aware of its own digital transformation, with 62% of Canadian respondents expecting emerging technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and automation to be the development with the greatest impact on their industry in the next five years.

This free report gives an in-depth look at the following process manufacturing issues:

  • Part 1 Opportunities created by regulatory change
  • Part 2: Facing the war for talent to embrace new opportunities
  • Part 3: The need for traceability
  • Part 4: Preparing for change in an uncertain world
  • Part 5: What are process manufacturers investing in?
  • Part 6: The future of process manufacturing


About the Report

Manufacturing professionals from Canada, the UK and the US were invited to participate in a research study to gauge their thoughts on the current state of their industry.

Questions were asked on a wide range of subjects including business plans and technology adoption, and fielded in American English, British English, and Canadian English and French. A total of 906 qualified individuals (302 in the UK, 303 in the US and 301 in Canada) completed the questions they were asked.
They all had decision-making responsibility at mid-sized manufacturing businesses in an IT or business role.