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Sage Foundation Grow

We are transforming the way nonprofits connect, think, and amplify their impact. Like-minded nonprofits collaborate and level up their organizations with Sage Foundation Grow.

What is Sage Foundation Grow?

At Sage, we are all about knocking down barriers, so that everyone can thrive. This is why we started Sage Foundation Grow, a strategic program that helps small and medium-sized nonprofits grow into sustainable organizations that make lasting change. Through the Sage Foundation Grow program, nonprofit leaders come together with Sage to amplify their mission and deliver long-term, measurable impact through collaboration and action learning.

How does Sage Foundation Grow work?

  • Sage leaders get matched with leaders of high-growth potential nonprofits. These leaders come together and form the program cohort.
  • The cohort meets for full-day working sessions. Some sessions are focused on learning and hearing from guest speakers. Other sessions will focus on collaboration among leaders.
  • Each ‘match’ (Sage and nonprofit leaders) carefully selects a strategic project that would help the nonprofit amplify its impact in the community.
  • The Sage leaders work with the nonprofits, using their knowledge and professional skills, to help them execute these strategic projects.

What we've done

Thanks to Sage Foundation Grow, we've been able to amplify our impact in communities globally. And we're just getting started.

Canada 2022: Building a collaborative network

Four unique nonprofits participated and completed strategic projects focusing on topics like improving fundraising efforts and amplifying reach. After the success of the cohort, the participating nonprofits and Sage leaders will stay connected, committing to two Sage-led volunteer days and two charity-led meetings a year. 

Australia 2021: Transforming youth charities

Six youth-focused nonprofits participated, completing strategic projects including increasing brand awareness, digital program delivery and improved stakeholder management through technology. The cohort collaboratively created The Youth Impact Hub, which aims to give youth charities resources, common facilities, and strategic expertise.

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