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Sage 50cloud release updates


Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.2

Automating data entry in Sage 50 is now more seamless than ever 

When working in a shared company and using AutoEntry, you no longer need to pause Remote Data Access sharing before downloading transactions from AutoEntry.  

Save time when working with Bank Feeds

When importing transactions from your bank, you can quickly process transactions in the Match Transactions window.


Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.1

COVID-19 specific payroll updates

CRA has changed reporting requirements due to COVID-19. Sage is here to help keep you compliant. Employment income earned during COVID-19 pay periods will be automatically calculated and reported on T4s.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.0

Never miss an update

You can now view important communications, such as product updates, support alerts, and more in the form of a newsfeed, available directly from your home window when you click the “bell” icon in the top navigation.



Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2020.2

Collaborate remotely with your entire team 

Using Remote Data Access (formerly known as Sage Drive) in multi-user mode, you and your accountant or co-workers can access real-time data to work simultaneously within Sage 50 from any location (Premium and Quantum only).


Sage ID - one simple login for all your connected services 

With one email address and one password for all of your Sage online services, Sage ID is your account key to securely access and manage your Bank Feeds, and Invoice Payments, and Remote Data Access. 

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2020

Highlight your brand

Make a visual impact by adding your company logo to sales quotes and orders. You can also add a logo on the fly or save it to your Sage 50 database where it can be easily retrieved even if you move Sage 50 to a new computer. 

Better payments

When a customer pays an invoice by cheque, Sage 50 now updates the link in the online version of the invoice to show your customer that the invoice has already been paid and save you from potentially having to refund any double payments.

New pay period options

For years that have 27 and 53 pay periods, you now have that option in the Employee Records window. You can also update the pay periods in the Setup Guide which you can access at any time under the Setup menu.



Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2019.2

Goods received notes

Use goods received notes to record the receipt of goods (and services) from your vendors and update inventory before a purchase invoice is received so you can keep your inventory up to date and sell your goods and services. To access this feature you need a service plan that includes goods received notes.

Delivery orders

Use delivery orders to record the delivery of goods (and services) and then subsequently invoice your customers. To access this feature you need a service plan that includes delivery orders.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2019.1

Easily record returns, refunds, or adjustments to invoices

With the new transaction windows for credit notes and debit notes (Premium and Quantum only), you can easily record returns, refunds, or adjustments after an invoice is issued. Requires a service plan that includes credit notes and debit notes.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2019.0

Better reporting

Sage Dashboard

Through the Office 365 integration (requires Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium), Sage Dashboard gives you insight into critical areas of your business when you are away from the office.

Transaction control

Sage Approvals

New to the Office 365 integration (Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is required), Sage Approvals lets business owners take control of transactions that flow from Sage Capture.

Get paid faster

Payments in Outlook

Simplify the payment process for your customers. Let them easily pay you directly in their Outlook inbox. No switching windows or complicated work flows. They can pay easily and securely in the integrated payment window. 



Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2018.3

Sage 50cloud solutions

Payroll tax updates for July 1, 2018

If you have a support plan that includes payroll tax updates, you benefit from timely and comprehensive in-house payroll processing within Sage 50cloud Accounting to help you save time and reduce the risk of payroll tax penalties at year-end.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2018.2

Sage 50cloud solutions

Sage Bank Feeds

Sage Bank Feeds makes it easy to keep the books accurate & up-to-date. Save time by automatically downloading bank/credit card transactions into Sage 50cloud. Reduce the risk for error and say goodbye to manual reconciliation with paper statements.

Sage Intelligence

Through the Office 365 integration1, Sage Intelligence provides Sage 50cloud customers with additional reporting options online. Along with an updated user interface for an improved user experience, Sage Intelligence also offers PDF export.

Sage Capture

Now available for Android, Sage Capture2 lets you capture and document purchases and expenses when you are away from the office. Pictures are uploaded to One Drive and then downloaded to your Sage 50cloud company.

Get paid faster

Invoice Payments

Invoice Payments makes creating and sending professional invoices fast and easy. After a quick and hassle-free setup, you can help your customers pay you online by emailing invoices with a Pay Now button. Save time by reconciling payments into your accounts. It’s that easy. Now you can focus on what really matters, growing your business.

Improved experience

Match bank transactions

Transaction matching has been further enhanced with additional options when creating missing transactions.

Easy access to Office 365 integration

With just a click, you can now access our cloud and mobile offerings that are included with Office 365 integration on the Cloud & Mobile pane.

1. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is required.
2. An active plan that includes T4A forms is required.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2018

Microsoft Office 365 integration1

Set synchronization frequency

Business builders can now set an auto-synchronization schedule to control how frequently Office 365 and Sage 50cloud is synchronized for more real-time data.

Improved security

Database upgrade

We have upgraded the Sage 50cloud Accounting database to MySQL 5.7.18

1. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is required.

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