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Bundle Sage HR with Sage 50 and Payroll for an enhanced, comprehensive solution

Save time, reduce errors, and streamline workflows. Empower your HR and People team with instant pay slips, zero implementation time, and automated HR tasks.

Experience the power of an all-in-one accounting, payroll, and HR solution for businesses of any size

Elevate your HR experience when you bundle Sage HR with Sage 50 and Payroll. 

No more spreadsheets, file systems or manual rekeying

Access real-time HR insights, information, and analytics

Save time with employee self-serve from anywhere

Keep your data secure and compliant in a single place

Keep everything organized and secure

  • Streamline document with e-signing for efficiency.
  • Maintain protected database for documents and employee data.
  • Ensure strict access control for data security with permission management.
  • Keep information systematically structured and synced.

Enhance efficiency and minimize inaccuracies

  • Eliminate labor-intensive administrative duties.
  • Avoid multiple spreadsheets and filing systems for streamlined information.
  • Minimize errors by eliminating redundant data entries.
  • Improve overall accuracy by simplifying data management processes.

Empower your employees with simple self-serve tools

  • Enable employees to access their pay slips effortlessly.
  • Streamline the process for employees to update their personal information.
  • Provide various self-serve tools for diverse employee needs.

Onboard with ease

  • Simplify the onboarding process for new hires.
  • Enhance the first-day experience with a friendly and efficient welcome.
  • Deploy user-friendly tools for seamless onboarding.
  • Free new hires from cumbersome paperwork for a smooth new start.

Do more with Sage HR

These additional modules can be purchased in product.


Track and approve time off requests.


Engage and retain your people.

Shift scheduling

Schedule your entire workforce.


Track hours worked and clock in/out.


Track and approve employee expenses.


Attract and hire the best talent.

Bundle Sage HR with Sage 50 and Payroll for a complete accounting and people solution

Paula Bawa

Finance Department
Local 258 IBEW

Sage HR has been a time saving change for our company. We no longer are emailing paystubs.  We have fewer emails to respond to for time off requests.  Being able to login to Sage HR and address all employees’ time off requests at once has also been a time saver.

Sage HR FAQs

The retention period for employee data is based on a variety of factors. Sage HR maintains your data until you delete the employee from the terminated employees list. Sage Payroll keeps terminated employees for the retention period defined by the user.

If a customer cancels, then the company is deleted from Sage HR within 60 days.
Please contact our Sales team to cancel Sage HR at 1-877-285-2118
You can purchase additional modules and manage your subscription within the Sage HR system or contact our Sales team to learn more at 1-877-285-2118.
Additional Sage HR modules include 

Leave Management -  Track & approve time off requests
Performance Management - Engage & retain your people
Scheduling - Schedule your entire workforce
Timesheets - Track employee hours worked
Expenses - Track & approve employee expenses
Recruitment - Attract & hire the best talent
Access to Employee Self-Service is available immediately after you purchase the HR pack. Get in touch with our Sales team to get started today at 1-877-285-2118.

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