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Sage 50cloud add-on payment processing and direct payments

Get the most out of your Sage 50cloud Accounting investment with these integrated add-on business services!

Accept credit card payments

Invoice Payments and Microsoft Pay makes getting paid so easy, you don’t have to ask twice.1

Sage 50cloud Invoice Payments and Microsoft Pay makes creating and sending professional invoices fast and easy so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

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Sage 50cloud Direct Payments

Move to the convenience and accuracy of electronic payments.

  • Pay Employees
  • Accept Customer Payments
  • Pay Vendors

Conveniently make and receive electronic payments faster and more accurately with Sage 50cloud Direct Deposit. Increase your business satisfaction and have fewer delinquent payments (while saving a few trees) by offering more ways to electronically send and receive money.


Avoid Duplicating Entries

Sage 50cloud Direct Payments is seamlessly integrated within Sage 50cloud Accounting—so the time you’ve invested entering figures into your accounting software is not wasted by having to re-enter the same numbers to separately pay vendors and employees or to receive payment from customers.

  • No need to duplicate efforts by using two systems nor do you have to install third party software.
  • Bank information is stored within Sage 50cloud Accounting so you benefit from having one secure, central location for all Sage 50cloud Direct Payments data.
  • Easily find out who processed a payment, what payments were processed, and when a payment was processed by viewing a single report.


Contact Information

For Signup Questions : Call : 1-888-261-9610

For Billing, Usage or Technical Inquiries :

E-mail : [email protected]

Call : 1-888-472-0811

Employee direct deposit

As the smart and productive way to pay employees, the Employee Direct Deposit option from Sage 50cloud Direct Payments offers:

  • Convenience and time savings by paying employees electronically at the click of a button from within Sage 50cloud Accounting
  • On time payment since you’ll never miss a payroll because of a rejected file by the bank
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase and print cheques
  • Flexibility with no minimum or maximum number of deposits or employees and the option of paying in either Canadian or US dollars
  • Ease of use with seamless integration to Sage 50cloud Accounting so you can get started quickly and easily

Customer pre-authorized debit

As a convenient and controlled way to ensure on time payments, the Customer Pre-authorized debit option from Sage 50cloud Direct Payments offers:

  • Cost savings through lower transaction fees than payments accepted with credit card
  • Better control of accounts receivable (A/R) by having a reliable, trusted system of accepting automatic payments from customers in a timely manner
  • Convenience and time savings by accepting payments electronically at the click of a button from within Sage 50cloud Accounting
  • Ease of use with seamless integration to Sage 50cloud Accounting so you can quickly and easily collect payments

Vendor direct deposit

As an affordable alternative to paper cheques, the Vendor Direct Deposit option from Sage 50cloud Direct Payments offers:

  • Better service by being able to pay small vendors not setup for online payments through the online bank bill payment service and the option of paying in either Canadian or US dollars
  • Convenience and time savings by paying vendors electronically at the click of a button from within Sage 50cloud Accounting
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, print, and process paper cheques
  • Ease of use with seamless integration to Sage 50cloud Accounting so you can quickly and easily make payments

Sage AP Automation

Simplify your Accounts Payable process from purchase to payment.

Sage AP Automation gives you more flexibility and freedom to run your business in the cloud, while automating manual processes so you can run your business more efficiently.  With Sage AP Automation, Sage 50cloud customers can improve visibility into invoices, better manage cash, and improve payment accuracy.

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Cheques & forms

Order cheques and forms for your business.

Get started today! Receive 25% off your first cheque order. Call 1-800-497-1475 and reference source code 536.

Maximize the capabilities of Sage 50cloud Accounting with business cheques, forms and accessories. Our “Easy Align” cheques are the only guaranteed by Sage to be 100% compatible with your software. No formatting. No forms wasted on misprints. Just enter your data and print!

While our cheque security features are industry-leading, when you purchase from Sage Cheques and Forms, you’re getting much more than cheques.

Each order automatically includes:

EZ ShieldSM Cheque Fraud Protection covering your cheques against forged signatures, endorsements and alterations. It guarantees quick reimbursement in as little as 72 hours if your business has been victimized.

Call 1-800-497-1475 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT (Monday-Friday) to speak to a product specialist or visit the online store.

Browse our online catalog to help select cheques, forms, compatible envelopes, and other business solutions.


Sage University opens its doors to Sage 50cloud Accounting customers.

Learn Sage 50cloud the way you want, in the environment that works best for you.

Additional add-on services

Sage 50cloud Accounting EFT Direct lets you quickly and easily transfer data from your accounting files to your financial institution. You are quickly able to perform employee and vendor direct deposits as well as customer pre-authorized debits. This simple but powerful program makes it easy to use electronic banking to make payments to vendors,1 receive payments from customers, and pay employees in Canada or in the US.2 Using EFT Direct does not change your Sage 50cloud Accounting data in any way. The program reads data from Sage 50cloud Accounting and uses it to create its own files for transmission to your bank, leaving your Sage 50cloud Accounting data intact. Some key benefits of using Sage 50cloud Accounting EFT Direct are:

  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Lower risk of fraud
  • Reduced transaction processing time and costs
  • Less delinquent payments

With Sage 50cloud Accounting EFT Direct, you can take advantage of the lowest fees on the market for customer collections, bill payments, and employee direct deposit. By processing payments directly through your bank, cutoff times can be as low as 24 hours before the payment is due. You work directly with your bank – no third party payment processor is required.

Sage 50cloud Accounting EFT Direct is available for Employee Direct Deposit, Vendor Direct Deposit, and Pre-Authorized Debits. A product license fee3 applies. Additional bank fees and setup may apply.4

Apply for EFT Direct or call 1-888-261-9610

If you are currently on a monthly subscription, please call 1-888-261-9610 to purchase EFT Direct on a monthly plan.

  1. In Canada, this is referred to as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or AFT (Automated Funds Transfer). In the US, these funds are cleared through ACH (Automated Clearing House).
  2. All payments in Canada must be in Canadian funds. All payments in the US must be in US funds.
  3. Annual fee subject to renewal.
  4. You must contact your bank for the information requested in the Sage Simply Accounting EFT Direct setup window. Your bank may apply its own fees. Note: RBC, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal, HSBC, Scotia Bank, Desjardins and Alberta Treasury Branch are just some of the banks that support EFT Direct. Please check with your bank to ensure it works with EFT Direct.

Given that 1 in 3 Canadians have been hit by identity fraud, the question isn’t whether it’s going to happen to you – it’s when. That’s why Sage has partnered with D + H Retail Solutions to offer our customers ID Assist. It’s the early warning system trusted by 500,000+ Canadians and most major banks. ID Assist alerts you to signs of trouble so you can limit the fallout and reduce the burden if you do need to rebuild your identity.

Here’s what ID Assist does for you:

  • Monitors public, underground and black market websites for your registered personal and financial information, 24/7/365.
  • Alerts you if a breach is discovered – via email, text, or mobile app – so you can take informed action.
  • Restores your identity and re-establishes your personal and financial information if you've been a victim.

Protect what matters most. You. Find out more at

Improve data accuracy and save time administering your workplace savings plan with our integrated solution.

Sage has partnered with Manulife Financial to offer the Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP) to our customers in Quebec with an integrated payroll solution to simplify the ongoing administration of the VRSP. Manulife can help you meet the new Quebec legislation requiring every business owner, with five or more eligible employees, to offer a workplace savings plan.

Learn more or call 1-855-323-1080

Bank transactions with HSBC automatically sync into Sage 50cloud, saving you time spent entering data.

Reconciling Sage 50cloud with HSBC means you can:

  • Get a real-time overview of your transactions
  • Save time on manual entry
  • Reduce errors
  • Set rules to automatically process transactions1
  1. If you have an active Sage Business Care plan you can connect to Sage Bank Feeds immediately. In Sage 50 go to the Banking module, then click the icon Match Bank Transactions dropdown menu and select Connect to Sage Bank Feeds.
  1. Subject to approval and to third party terms and conditions. Additional fees, Internet access, and credit card required.