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Sage Payroll features

Intuitive, compliant, flexible. Sage Payroll gives you everything you need to run your payroll and manage your team right. It's easy to use and you don't need to be an expert.

Run your payroll without headaches

All the functionality you need to confidently manage your payroll. That includes:

  • Simple, three step pay run.
  • Set up your team's time and pay. Your team's default pay will automatically sync each pay run to simplify the process. Adjust pay components according to your unique needs. Review and submit your employees’ payslips accurately in minutes.
  • Easily manage deductions such as income tax, CPP, EI, RRSP and statutory calculations like vacation pay.
  • We provide ISO27001 certified, PIPEDA and GDPR compliant software to help you stay cloud and legislative compliant.
  • Adjust pay schedules with total flexibility based on your team's needs. Process weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay runs quickly and efficiently.

CRA compliant payroll software

  • Accurate, CRA-compliant payroll software.
  • We keep up with the changing tax legislation, so you have peace of mind when filling out complicated paperwork.
  • Simply review an automatically generated remittance report and instantly generate T4's for a stress-free year end.

Support employees with RRSP matching 

  • Setup and manage RRSP employer matching contributions.
  • Retain employees, attract talent, and stay competitive.
  • Easily view contributions per employee for accurate RRSP remits.
  • Post the liability and expense through a seamless connection with Sage accounting.
  • Run a report to see how much liability and deduction per employee.

Manage leave and HR tasks easily

Centralize employee records and automate time-consuming HR processes in one, unified platform.

  • Manage leave requests from your employees on the go.
  • Provide an online portal for employees to update their own information. 
  • Import default Canadian leave policies and create your custom ones.
  • No more manual timesheets. Employees can enter their work hours and you can approve their time.
  • Keep track of employee documents like contracts and employee handbooks with their records.
  • Easy and intuitive Sage HR mobile app for anytime, anywhere access.

Need to do more? You can add on Core HR or specific modules like:

  • Timesheets: Track your team's productivity across projects to monitor and improve business efficiencies.
  • Recruitment: Attract and hire top talent. Potentials and new hires flow automatically into Sage HR to make scaling for growth simple.
  • Shift Scheduling: Plan, track, and record employee shifts. Maximize your workforce and quit guessing when someone is available for a shift.
  • Performance: Set goals, schedule 1:1s and manage 360 feedback.
  • Expenses: Submit and manage company expenses from web and the mobile app.

Make corrections easily

  •  No need to restore data or reprocess pay runs; simply make the corrections and they’ll be updated in the next pay run.
  • Revert previous pay runs, make corrections and reprocess easily.
  • All changes to employees' pay are reflected in their next pay slip.

Integrate with Sage Accounting

  •  Payroll integrates seamlessly with Sage Accounting software to give you total visibility of your business.
  • After every pay run, payment data syncs with Sage Accounting in just a click.
  • Minimize manual work and mistakes, and focus on running your business.
  • Easily reconcile the payments made to your employees in your accounting software.

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