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The people management solution you've been waiting for

Keep and grow your best people, by creating great workforce experiences.

Simplify people management

An intuitive solution that scales as quickly as your business, regardless of location. We'll keep you legal and compliant, so you can focus on growth.

Access global data and analytics

With Sage People you can use a single human resources solution for every aspect of employment. 

Enable collaboration

Lasting businesses are built on connections. In today's fast-moving world, your employees expect you to provide them with collaboration tools like Sage People which do just that.

Help your people lead an agile business

Extend and expand capabilities with proprietary and third-party applications. Your solution resides on the number one cloud platform in the world, allowing you to leverage all of its power for building your business.

#1 HR system on the world's leading cloud platform

How do you build your business during a global skills crisis?

Know your people as well as you know your customers. Use better insights to increase workforce visibility and deliver great workforce experiences to become a People Company.

Gain workforce visibility on demand

Sage People gives you the ability to put actionable insights in front of decision-makers to make better people decisions. 

People management made easy

An intuitive solution that scales as quickly as your business, regardless of location. We'll keep you legal and compliant, so you can focus on your business.

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Get a single source of truth about your people

Know your people as well as you know your customers by deploying a single system of record for your entire global workforce.

Automate processes and configure your workflows

Quickly automate your HR and people processes through configurable workflows. Be able to offer flexible and responsive support for your changing people needs as your business develops.

Create global policies with local compliance

Implement global policies consistently in different countries while enabling local managers to remain compliant with local laws and regulations.

Design and deliver great workforce experiences

Increase employee engagement and drive performance by designing and delivering great workforce experiences throughout the employment journey.

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Count on us to help you and your business succeed

Be up and running in days rather than months, with rapid adoption across your organization, and short time to benefit. The system also integrates easily with other third-party applications and payrolls.

Workforce visibility: insight, not intuition

Many organizations find it hard to maintain an accurate view of their workforce. Keeping pace with the modern workforce is a challenge. Learn how to build a consistent and accurate view of your workforce.

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