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Business resilience and agility: How HR leaders can empower change


How do you build a strong and adaptable workforce?

HR teams have stepped up to guide their organizations through one of the greatest periods of uncertainty in living memory, as a result of the global pandemic.

Shifting workforces practically overnight to remote working, updating policies, supporting employee wellbeing—HR and People teams have achieved all of this and much more by adapting, flexing, and being resilient through this unprecedented time of change.

However, business resilience isn’t only important in the wake of recent disruptions—it will continue to define how organizations operate and perform long into the future. Our e-book, "Business Resilience and Agility: How HR Leaders Can Empower Change," explores:

  • The areas where HR continues to evolve and change.
  • The value behind business resilience.
  • Eight essential ways HR and People leaders can lead with business resilience and agility.
  • Next steps HR and People leaders can take to get ahead.

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