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Client Portal

HandiSoft Practice Management Modules

Share, exchange and digitally approve client files online.

Client Portal is an easy to use software module that allows client access to Sage HandiSoft’s Document Manager.

Streamline your accounting practice’s workflow by letting clients upload and download documents, data files and reports at their own convenience. Client Portal allows your clients to access relevant files at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails and the expense of postage. In addition to providing clients with the ability to 'self service', the in-built authenticated digital signing function will speed up the completion of your compliance jobs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with Document Manager and your HandiSoft central client database.
  • Provides clients with secure access to documents at any time.
  • Improves client relationships by improving efficiency and saving them time.
  • Significantly reduces document handling and processing times (instead of email or post).
  • Saves money via productivity and savings on postage.
  • Operates within industry best practice high level security, with 128 bit encryption and authenticated digital signatures.
  • Easily add files to Document Manager with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • No problem finding files using keywords, author, comment or document text.
  • Automatic notifications when you upload a file to a client’s secure area and when they send you a file.

Client Portal Product Details

Client Portal is an add-on for Document Manager, a software solution for accountants seeking to reduce paper handling in their businesses. Client Portal streamlines practice management even further, by making it a breeze for you and your clients to share files and digitally sign documents.

Secure, convenient and professional

Client Portal is a very easy to use cloud-based module that allows Document Manager users and their clients to securely download, sign-off and upload data files and reports.

Self-service saves time and money

Allowing your clients to access relevant files securely via our portal eliminates the need for time-consuming, insecure email processes and the expense of post. In addition to providing clients with the ability to self-service, the in-built authenticated digital signing function has the capability to significantly speed-up the completion of your compliance jobs.

Easy to keep track

Using the online portal or printed reports, users will be able to clearly see all documents that have been created, signed off and those that still require signed approvals. Additionally, automatic email notifications are sent to notify clients and HandiSoft users when files are uploaded or sent.

Authenticated digital signatures

A Client Portal login must be created for each person so that the system can clearly identify the individual who signed the document. For “non-individual” clients, multiple portal logins can be created so that each individual associated with the entity can have their own portal area to sign documents.

The application ensures that all documents must be read before they can be signed. After being digitally signed, it is then date-and-time stamped and becomes “read only”, eliminating the possibility of changes being made afterward. After being signed, documents cannot be renamed, overwritten or deleted.

Create multiple portal logins

Document Manager will display a folder for each new Portal Login.

Document listing screen

A Client Portal user receives an email advising them when a document has been placed into their online portal area. Upon logging in, your clients can view each file that has been stored in their personalised client portal.

Requesting digital signatures

You can easily request that your clients sign-off files that have been stored in Document Manager using the new request signature button on the document details screen. The new signature request screen will display the location of the selected document within Document Manager. A comment can also be entered and will appear on the document details page. An email will then be sent to the user associated with each specified login, advising them that they have received a document, together with instructions on how to digitally sign the document.