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Easy cloud invoicing so you can get paid faster

Sage Business Cloud Accounting takes care of your finances and payroll, so you can focus on the business you love. Start­ing from just $20/month incl. GST*.


Help your business thrive

Sage Accounting empowers your business at every step.


Forecast your cash flow

See how much money is coming in and out of your business each month, on an insightful dashboard.


Send and track invoices

Get paid on time and protect your cash flow with personalized invoices that you can track. Find out more.

Get Paid Faster

Receive your money faster with seamless PayPal or eWay integration.

Included payroll

STP compliant payroll for four employees included in your subscription.

Control your inventory

Monitor stock levels and fulfill orders promptly while controlling costs.

Share access with your accountant

Collaborate securely in real-time. Let your team spot and fix mistakes. Works on any device.

Everything you need to take care of business
Sage Business Cloud empowers small businesses. Free yourself from admin with clever, easy-to-use accounting features, built around how you work.
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Always supported

Search the knowledgebase or get free email support from our dedicated Support team.

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Sage Business Cloud


Monthly access to online accounting software with integrated payroll that’s perfect for small businesses looking to quickly create invoices, track accounts, and process payments.

$20 * incl. GST per month
*Please note free trial does not include any payroll processing. ^Terms and conditions apply


Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage Accounting for short) is software for managing your business’s accounting. You can quickly and easily create invoices, record transactions, accept payments, automate admin, capture expenses, and monitor your profit and cashflow. 

It comes with integrated payroll (if needed) for up to 4 employees, and more can be added. 

Sage Accounting is designed for small business owners (supports unlimited users) and sole proprietors (with or without staff) operating in any industry – from professional services to construction to retail. 

You can use Sage Accounting either by yourself or with collaborators. It’s easy to give access to multiple users, including your accountant. You don’t need any previous experience with accounting software to get started. 

Sage Accounting works on any PC or laptop (including MAC and Windows), any smartphone (such as iPhones and Android phones), and any tablet device (such as iPads or Android tablets). Sage Accounting also comes in an app for iOS and Android. 

Because Sage Accounting works in the cloud, you don’t have to install anything – you simply access the product through your internet browser.  

The mobile version has a slightly more simplified feature list, but you have access to the core features across all devices. Any work done on one device will be automatically updated across all devices. You can use all three devices or just use one device if you prefer.  

Your data is protected by bank-level security at all times and is automatically backed up in the cloud. You never have to worry about losing any of your work if your internet connection goes down. 

Sage Accounting is designed for high performance even on low internet speeds. A standard phone connection (with typical mobile 3G speed) has you covered.  

For those of you interested in the specs, a minimum download speed of 2mbps is essential to keep Sage Accounting up to date and to take full advantage of its features. Your smartphone will give you more than enough speed to use Sage Accounting smoothly. 

For optimal performance we also recommend that you use the most up-to-date version of your web browser. You can take a no-risk, no-obligation free trial to see whether you’re happy with the speed of Sage Accounting on your internet connection. 

Absolutely. It’s simple and straightforward your import your current data from Excel (and other data systems) into Sage Accounting, including your customer and supplier details, your products and services, opening balances, transactions from bank statements, invoices, and your chart of accounts. We’re on hand to show you how or you can watch our step-by-step video guides. 

The cloud is just a name for types of computers (called servers) which are stored remotely rather than built into your own PC or mobile. These servers give you access to software and data through the internet.  

It’s called the “cloud” because when programmers were drawing up the original network diagrams, they drew circles around the icons for computers. When these computer icons were clustered together, the overlapping circles looked like clouds. 

Sage Accounting is a monthly subscription service. The subscription is $20 (which includes the GST) per month. 

You can pay with your credit card and set up recurring payments if preferable, which will renew automatically each month starting from the date of purchase.  

If for any reason you’d like to cancel, you can do so with a few simple clicks. 

The 35-day trial is free, and you don’t need to provide a credit card or any payment information to start your trial. The trial does not include payroll functionality.

After filling in your details, you will be taken to your Login page where you can get started straight away.  

We’ll send you a welcome email with a quick-start guide, tips, and helpful resources, including how to get support any time you need it.  

Before your trial expires we’ll email you with a reminder of the trial’s expiry date. You can purchase (or cancel) Sage Accounting at any time during your trial. All the data you entered during your Free Trial will still be available (for up to 90 days) once your trial period has expired. 

You will get free, award-winning support by phone, email, online chat, and live online Q&As.  

  • Phone support is available from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. ET Monday-Friday. 
  • Online drop-in Q&As are held Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Get an answer in minutes, if not seconds. 
  • Pre-recorded webinars are available to watch any time that suits you. 

You will also get 24/7 access to the following support resources 

  • Our online community Sage City : Ask questions, share ideas, and solve issues with Sage Accounting customers and product experts.
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Video guides
  • Instructor-led courses : For anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level, we have hundreds of courses designed for multiple experience levels and job roles. Get certified and earn badges that show your expertise and build up your resume.

We also have support channels on Twitter and Youtube. We are committed to providing you with world-class support for Sage Accounting at every step of your business journey. 

Sage Add-ons

Extend the power of Sage Accounting and grow your business using our range of connected apps