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AutoEntry webinars and product demos

Choosing the right software for you—how to cut through the noise and build out a tech stack that is right for your firm

Are you looking to take the next steps in automation but have been overwhelmed by the sheer choice of what is on offer? This session will help you develop a process that will help you and avoid the common pitfalls that we've seen accountants and bookkeepers fall into. We'll also show you how to make better educated choices in choosing the right software for your firm. 

Presenter: Tom Port, VP Sales, AutoEntry

Now the fun begins! What happens after you've chosen your software?

How do Apps get used in practice and integrated into your workflow? Our speakers will talk you through the best practices they've uncovered and the workflow process they use to ensure they get the most out of their day and AutoEntry. They’ll also show you an expert AutoEntry demo, and how it works in practice with Sage Accounting and Sage 50.

Presenters: Tom Port, VP Sales, AutoEntry | Sara Gibb, Owner, Flowworks Bookkeeping & Consulting

The power of data capture solutions—Why they are a must in your practice!

So now you want to automate, eh? What can Receipt Bank or AutoEntry do for your Practice? In this webcast, you will learn how they work with your Sage products and what are the differences between two.

Presenter: Bianca Mueller, CPB, Books by Bianca

Re-envision your workflow with AutoEntry and Sage

From data entry to reconciliation, automate manual processes in Sage 50 and Sage Accounting with AutoEntry. Learn how to easily eliminate the data entry of expenses, invoices, or bank statements no matter what Sage solution you are using to service your clients.

Presenters: Tom Port, VP Sales, AutoEntry and Jaime Rein, CPB, Product Marketing Manager, Sage

Fireside chat: Perform at your best with automation

From data entry to reconciliation, hear how your peers have automated or are in the process of automating manual processes in their practice. Learn about their decision making process and how they navigated the challenges that came with change.

Presenter: Ed Kless, Senior Director, Partner Development and Strategy, Sage

Your new paperless workflow with Sage and TaxCycle

Tired of dealing with boxes and boxes of paper? From shoeboxes to taxes filed join us as we show you how to eliminate paper from your full-year workflow with AutoEntry, Sage Accounting, and TaxCycle.

Presenters: Anastasiia Moroz, Customer Success Manager, Sage | Elizabeth Kohl, Communications Director, TaxCycle

Getting your practice ready for tax season

Whether you’re using Sage 50 or Sage Accounting, we’ve got you covered this tax season. Join us in this webinar where we’ll cover both product and tax preparation tips to make life easier the next few months.

Presenters:  Rachel Fisch, Product Evangelist, Accountant Solutions, Sage and Remi Gauthier, Senior Trainer, Sage

Solutions for your practice


Unlock significant time savings and eliminate manual data entry from your practice with AutoEntry, a data capture solution that allows you and your clients to email, snap or scan bank statements, bills, invoices, expenses, and receipts. AutoEntry then extracts, processes, and publishes the verified data directly into your accounting software.

Sage Accounting - Accountant Edition

Simple-yet-powerful accounting solution—all in the cloud. Get started with the Accountant Edition account today to onboard and manage all your Sage Accounting clients in one place, with customised access rights, automated workflows, and one-click access to a real-time view of your client’s business.

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