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Business resilience webinars

Honest talks with the experts—pivoting and changing business models

Overnight it seems, businesses had to change gears, from virtual work to robust commerce websites to ordering protective gear for staff. How have some businesses found opportunity in this new world order and how can businesses rethink their purpose and value proposition to turn a crisis to an opportunity?

Presenters: Neal Cranna, VP of Marketing, Sage | Miles Sellyn, President, Major Tom | Jamie L. Smith, Co-founder, Amplify Advisors | Eli Fathi, President and CEO, MindBridge Ai

Honest talks with the experts—future casting the economy

What will the economy look like after this? Will we enter a recession? Even if my business survives this crisis, what other roadblocks may pop up to prevent me from recovering? What should be part of my ongoing contingency plans?

Presenters: Francis Fong, Chief Economist, CPA Canada | Pierre Cleroux, Chief Economist, BDC

Honest talks with the experts—building resilience as a leader

Being a small business owner is tough enough. This period of uncertainty and global turmoil will test your limits. How can you build resilience to not only get you through this period but your business, your staff, and your family?

Presenter: Carl Oxholm, CPA, CA, Partner, PwC

The money side of business: managing your finances during a crisis

This is an advanced session explaining the basic tools and techniques of financial management for a business owner, including budget creation and monitoring, cash management, product/division/customer analysis, planning/forecasting, and trend analysis.

Presenters: Steve Ryujin, VP of Small Business, Sage | Shubhneet Lotay, CPA, CMA

Honest Talks with the experts—our virtual reality and how to adapt

Business operations will change after this pandemic. What technologies and new virtual products does my business need to look at for the right now and into the future?

Presenter: Tom Port, VP Sales, AutoEntry

Honest talks with the experts—tough conversations on restructuring

Restructuring. Life as we know it will be different after this global crisis has passed. How do we do business and how do we survive what may potentially be a recession right after the virus has long gone? What will your business look like and what tough questions do you need to be asking today to ensure your tomorrow?

Presenter: Eitan Dehtiar, CPA, CMA

Financial ratios and how they help with emergency decision making

This is a basic session explaining the calculation and interpretation of financial ratios.

Presenters: Aaron Pelz, CPA, CA, VP Finance (North America), Sage | Erica Bailey, CPA, CA

Financial survival for entrepreneurs

Learn how to identify, understand and monitor key numbers for your business, tactics of seeking out financing and effective tax strategies.

Presenters: Katrina Carroll-Foster, Partner and Strategist, Kollectively Business Strategies | Mihai Dorin Nicula, CPA, CMA | Jill Earthy, CEO, Women's Enterprise Centre of BC

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