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Artificial intelligence in 2019: A handbook for business leaders

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Artificial intelligence in 2019: A handbook for business leaders

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What’s the fuss around artificial intelligence (AI?) Why is there so much buzz around it in the enterprise technology space right now? What’s changed with the way that we can access and use data that’s made technology like machine learning and robotics possible? What’s the practical use of artificial intelligence in 2019 for business leaders?…or to start small what is artificial intelligence? We’ve put together a jargon-free guide to help you get to grips with one of the most exciting trends disrupting the financial sector.

In the enterprise space, market firm Tractica says that the revenue from the AI software market worldwide will grow to nearly $60 billion by 2025. Gartner analysts believe that by 2020, AI will be pervasive in almost every new product and service. Business leaders must be armed with the tools to take advantage.

How can businesses ensure that they are spending money on the right technology that solves the problems they have, and where does AI fit within your strategy?

Packed full of data and expert commentary and analysis, Artificial intelligence in 2019 reveals:

  • The three factors driving AI to finally fulfill its potential when it comes to practical applications in large businesses.
  • Why automation is already making a huge impact in multiple industries, and why more advanced forms of AI are now accessible to businesses.
  • The practical ways AI is already making an impact in industries including finance, manufacturing and automotive.
  • Why data is so important to the future of AI in business, and why digital transformation is crucial in taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Guidance on shaping your AI strategy and what this could involve in terms of investment in technology and talent.

The handbook also outlines considerations for business leaders around the ethics of AI and the responsibility of the tech industry when it comes to job creation and the training of existing employees. You’ll also get expert insights and tips from leading academics and executives at Progress, Sentient Technology, Tradeshift and Technology Evaluation Centers.

Make sure you read Artificial intelligence in 2019 for straightforward advice on why it may be time for your business to upgrade to meet today’s demands and how to get started today. Get what you need from the AI revolution.


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