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Discover how your business can thrive with the latest Sage 50cloud

Increase productivity by upgrading to the latest version of Sage 50cloud with cloud-connected features. Enhance your accounting solution with fully integrated add-ons, and more.
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Sage 50cloud has just the right tools for whatever your business needs are

While you're busy running your business, we're continuously improving Sage 50cloud to help you be more productive and efficient.

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Robust desktop functionality, connected to the cloud

Sage 50cloud combines the power and productivity of a trusted desktop solution with secure online capabilities.2 It's loaded with standard features:

  • Sync transactions from your bank account—reduce data entry errors and reconcile your bank account by linking to your bank with our bank service.
  • Improved data security— screen-level user access and bank-level online protection.
  • Track income and manage expenses—understand what is owed to you, and how much your company owes. Analyze and perform ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Enjoy integration with Microsoft 365 Business Standard—sync and manage Outlook contacts, upload and store receipts and invoices and securely share and store your data from anywhere, at anytime, from any connected device.1
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Free training modules in Sage University

Learning packages designed to guide you—recorded and live virtual, instructor-led training options.

Register for complimentary training.  Whether you're new to Sage 50 or a seasoned pro, there's something for anyone who wants to learn more about what Sage 50 can do.

Sage 50 Customer Support

Sage 50 Canada support, maintenance, updates, and more

  • Access useful resources 24/7 at Sage Support Central, your gateway to thousands of articles, documentation, downloads, and other Sage 50 support resources.
  • Stay up-to-date effortlessly. Get the latest features and updates delivered automatically.
  • Get Sage 50 Canada support via live chat or schedule a call back at your convenience.
  • Prepare for year-end by visiting the year-end-center to get quick answers to common questions.
Payroll features


With Payroll added to your Sage 50cloud Accounting software, you can easily pay employees anytime with the most up-to-date payroll tax calulations.  Our Sage 50cloud Accounting 2020 Payroll allows you to:

  • Prepare payroll cheques with automation tax calculations including income tax, CPP and EI.
  • Receive the latest federal and provincial payroll tax updates.
  • Process cheques as a batch with the Payroll Cheque Run.
  • Prepare government T4 and/or RL-1 slips through print or online filing.

Sage 50cloud Accounting 2022


Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2022.0

Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021


Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.2

Automating data entry in Sage 50 is now more seamless than ever

When working in a shared company and using AutoEntry, you no longer need to pause Remote Data Access sharing before downloading transactions from AutoEntry.

Save time when working with Bank Feeds 

When importing transactions from your bank, you can quickly process transactions in the Match Transactions window.


Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.1

COVID-19 specific payroll updates

CRA has changed reporting requirements due to COVID-19. Sage is here to help keep you compliant. Employment income earned during COVID-19 pay periods will be automatically calculated and reported on T4s.

Included in Sage 50cloud Accounting 2021.0

Never miss an update

You can now view important communications, such as product updates, support alerts, and more in the form of a newsfeed, available directly from your home window when you click the “bell” icon in the top navigation.

Connect, automate, and integrate

Your Sage 50cloud offers you the power of automation and the accessibility of full integration with Microsoft 365.

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AutoEntry integration

AutoEntry automatically captures your bills, invoices and receipts and inputs them in Sage 50cloud Accounting1.

Invoice payments

Sage 50cloud Invoice Payments and Microsoft Pay makes creating and sending professional invoices fast and easy so you can focus on what really matters—growing your business.

AP Automation

Automate manual processes and run your business more efficiently.  With Sage AP Automation, Sage50cloud customers enjoy clearer visibility into invoices, improved cash management, and payment accuracy.

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Automated bank feeds

Automate the import of your bank and credit card transaction, and automatically reconcile the activity to your custom rules.
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Microsoft 365 integration

Work anywhere, any time with Sage 50cloud, and gain expanded access and additional capabilities by integrating with Microsoft 365.1

Ready to move beyond desktop? See our cloud-native solutions.

Sage 50cloud resources


Webinar hub

Register for upcoming Sage 50 webinars and view past webinars on-demand.

Sage Expert Services

Get scheduled access to expert help. Our experts can assist you with complex inquiries that are outside of the scope of your service plan.
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Need more licenses?

Choose a product that fits your needs.  Benefit from the increased capacity you need for users and data without having to learn an entirely new program.

Direct payments

Send and receive electronic payments faster with Sage 50cloud Direct Deposit.  Increase business satisfaction and reduce delinquent payments by offering paperless options to send and receive money.

Order cheques and forms for your business

Maximize the capabilities of Sage 50cloud Accounting with business cheques, forms and accessories.  Guranteed 100% compatible with your software—no formatting. Just enter your data and print.

Explore our small business cloud-native solutions

Whether you're reconciling transactions, managing your people, or performing data entry tasks, Sage has a cloud-empowered solution that's right for you.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Work from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy small business accounting with cloud-native features like invoicing, cash flow, payments and more.

Sage HR

Attract, retain, and engage your people from anywhere with easy-to-use, cloud-enabled HR software.
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Use your phone to snap a pic and automatically import bills, receipts and invoices into Sage 50cloud.

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  1. Requires additional purchase.
  2. Minimum one-year commitment required. To ensure continuous service, Sage 50cloud Accounting is only available on an automatically renewing subscription. The subscription plan is an annual subscription with a lease to the software license; therefore, you can only use the license while you are on the plan. You may terminate any of the plans at any time with 30 days’ advance notice to Sage; however, if you terminate your subscription plan or if your subscription payment is not received, you will have read-only access to your data, and full program functionality will not be restored until you have brought your account current. The subscription plan requires that you be on the most current version of the software to continue your subscription. May not be combined with any other offers.
  3. Requires Sage Drive, which is only available to customers on the latest release of Sage 50cloud Accounting and requires a computer with Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, or Chrome and a high-speed Internet connection. Sage 50 data may be fully accessed from more than one device at a time by one individual each and there are limits as to the amount of data that can be accessed. Additional fees are required for full access for more than one simultaneous remote user. Data access is subject to Internet provider network availability and occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance. Requires a license to Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium in order to access data on mobile devices. 

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